Top 5 SVG File Viewers for Your Android Mobiles

svg file viewers android

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) is the most popular XML-based vector image file type for 2D graphics. It is a simple image format, but not all image viewers can be able to render SVG vector graphic files. And Android users even face many difficulties to open vector SVG files on their mobiles. So, here we grab a few best SVG file viewers for your android that render SVGs for optimal outcomes. Moreover, people now have to make a couple of clicks to convert PNG to SVG online with the unrestricted use of any PNG to SVG converter. 

Did you know! An SVG vector graphic format is resolution-independent. That’s the most apparent reason why website and print graphics are often built in the SVG vector format. Once your SVG is uploaded onto any platform, you can easily resize it to fit different designs in the future.

And, even most experts now easily convert PNG to SVG converter from the free and open-source of which comes with the best version of PNG to SVG converter online. 

In this blog post, we looked at some of the best SVG file viewers for Android mobile devices. We found that there are quite a few good options to choose from, and each has its own set of features and benefits.

SVG Viewer:

It is one of the best vector SVG viewer apps that quickly view SVG files on any Android device. Even if you convert PNG to SVG with the help of an online PNG file to an SVG converter, this app allows you to fetch it without any quality loss. 

The upside is that this handy app comes with a file explore feature that displays SVG in thumbnails. With that, users could easily browse the vector SVG files stored on the local storage and even integrate cloud storage services. This SVG vector file viewer can show your SVGs in full-screen mode and all the SVG vector layers.

The good thing is that users can view individual layers of the SVG file and even save SVG files as PNG images. And, if you need to convert PNG to SVG for free, then a free PNG to SVG converter is the one-solution to go right now. 


  1. You can easily view SVG Layers
  2. Save as PNG without any quality distortion 
  3. Comes with multiple Rendering Engines

SVG Converter:

This SVG Android app allows you to convert PNG to SVG or others and view any SVG vector graphic files. This app works as an SVG viewer if you don’t have an internet (bandwidth) connection. You need to open your SVG files by using this app and let this app render those on your mobile screen.

And, if you have a stable internet connection, it enables you to proceed with SVG file conversions while maintaining the quality of the resultant file. It not only allows you to convert SVG to many other file types but also convert other file formats into SVG as well. This means if you decide to convert PNG to SVG, this SVG converter is the ultimate option. 


  1. View SVG Files within no time
  2. Allow you to transform SVG to many different File Formats and vice versa

SVG Viewer: SVG to JPG, PNG Converter

If you seek both SVG viewer and converter app for your Android device, then this SVG viewer is a perfect choice. Once SVG is viewed by this tool, you can easily zoom in and out to entirely view all the sections of the SVG vector image file. Even this stunning app assists you to choose a background color for SVG vector file renders.

You could set the color according to your choice or pick anything that won’t interface with SVG vector graphic file colors. Remember that this SVG file-based app can convert SVG to PNG or JPG raster files. However, if you want to convert PNG to SVG, get an online version of the PNG to SVG converter that provides optimal preset illustration outcomes. 


  1. You can be able to view SVG File within a couple of taps
  2. Allow you to set background with quality degradation 
  3. A swift way to export SVG as a png/jpeg

SVG Reader & Viewer:

SVG Viewer – SVG Reader is a free Android app to view SVG files. This is another simple app with a single focus on viewing the SVG files. While opening the SVG file gives users an option to pick the background color. Users can select a background color of their choice and view the SVG file.


  1. View SVG File without impacting on the file quality 
  2. Make a couple of taps to set the background colour

Moreover, there are innumerable reasons to convert PNG to SVG vector images. This is where an online PNG to SVG converter plays a crucial role for you. 

SVG Viewer: Svg File Convert png/jpg/webp:

This is the last SVG viewer in this list that allows you to convert and view SVG images on your Android device. The great thing about this tool is that it is loaded with a simple interface that is relatively easy to navigate. Also, it can load the preview of your vector SVG files in the form of thumbnails. 

You could now browse the SVG graphic files and open them in this viewer app for optimal view. Don’t fret, as this Android app shows SVG vector images the same as any other image file. Also, it takes a couple of seconds to change the background color of an SVG vector file. You can easily export particular changes to a PNG or JPEG raster file.


  1. Let’s view SVG Files
  2. Change any SVG image background-colour
  3. You can now convert SVG to PNG, JPEG, or even WEBP (Google Web Picture)

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which app is the best fit for your needs. But we hope that this article has helped you in making that decision!

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