Advantages and disadvantages of HTML

Advantages And Disadvantages of HTML You Should Know

What are the advantages and disadvantages of HTML or the pros and cons of HTML? But before diving deep into that first you should know about HTML. If you already know about that then you can skip that part.

What is HTML?

HTML(Hypertext Markup Language) is the language used to develop webpages. It is not an actual programming language but a markup language. Hypertext is a text that has a link embedded into it that points to a different page or website. Mainly HTML is used for structuring a webpage and making a foundation. Basically, Html is the backbone of webpages.

Every web developer or web designer has to learn HTML, to begin with. The latest version of HTML is HTML5 which is really modern and powerful. There are a lot of disadvantages and disadvantages of HTML. They are listed as follows.

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What are the advantages of HTML?

  • Easy– It is super easy to understand and learn
  • Free– It is free for use
  • Industry Standard- Accepted by all browsers
  • Independent– It is platform-independent
  • Embed Media– Easily embed audio, video, and photos, etc
  • Hypertext– Link to any page internal or external

What are the disadvantages of HTML?

  • Complexity– A lot of code can be complex to handle
  • Security– It is not secure by its own
  • Limitations– Alone HTML do not have many capabilities
  • Write Code– You have to write code for the simplest webpages
  • Not Centralized– Each page should be programmed separately
  • Dynamic Pages– Creating dynamic pages are hard

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Some FAQs

Why is HTML so important?

Html is the most important language in the world wide web. Every page on the web has some HTML inside it.

What are the limitations of HTML?

The limitations are mostly that it can’t do much of its own but along with CSS and Javascript, it can make wonders.

Is knowing HTML useful?

HTML is useful for any computer geek . Apart from that anyone can learn it it is super easy.


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