Learn How To Promote And Sell Your Art Online

Sell Your Art

Art is not just a thing; with every purchase, the buyer also gets the essence of your creative spirit. You'll be surprised to know that the global art market is recently valued at around $50 billion. With new and talented artists coming up, it is expected to grow tremendously in the upcoming years. One of the prominent reasons for the industry's growth is that people have started appreciating the efforts and creative artists put in to create one-of-a-kind artwork. The internet has also played an important role in sky-high art sales. This article is going to be a guide on how to sell your art online.

How is the internet helping artists to grow financially?

People visited galleries and exhibitions to find the perfect paintings and sculptures to beautify their space. Today, there are many online platforms where artists can showcase their talent and sell their work. 

However, selling artwork online is not as easy as it may seem. According to a recent survey, many artists struggle to sell and promote their artwork online. Understanding the dynamics of online marketing can be challenging, making it difficult to sustain themselves in the competitive art world. 

Thus, if you are an artist interested in promoting and selling their creations, this article is just the right thing you need to make it into the online market. Here we have curated a list of some digital marketing tactics that can unlock opportunities for you to reach out to larger audiences and make online sales. 

Marketing guide to promote and sell your art online.

1. Digitize your creations appropriately.

Now that you've decided to sell your work online, you should know that visibility is the key to success in the digital world. The pictures you upload on various platforms such as social media or selling websites will play a prominent role in sales. That's why, before stepping into the online world, make sure you digitize your creations the right way. 

Know that digitizing your work is much more than just clicking pictures from your smartphone and uploading them. Instead, you need to ensure that the picture you upload accurately demonstrates all the crucial details. 

Here are a few suggestions you can follow to add quality while digitizing your work. 

  • Pay special attention to the lighting while clicking pictures. Using too many flashlights may end up distorting the color scheme. 

  • Take multiple pictures from different angles. Zoomed-in pictures can help you highlight the detailing and texture of the piece. 

  • Play with editing features such as brightness and contrast to add a finishing touch. Avoid using any filters or additional features that may affect the picture's authenticity and the product. 

  • Focus on aesthetics during the photo shoot. For example, if you sell a home decor painting, try clicking a picture by hanging it on the wall. It will help you build an emotional connection with your potential customers by giving them an idea of how the painting will look on their walls. Don't forget to remove the unnecessary background elements to avoid detracting attention from your work. 

2. Focus on creating an online store.

Once you've digitized your work, it is essential to choose the perfect platform to showcase them. Having your eCommerce website can help you with sales. All you need to do is design a website, get a domain name, display your products and add a checkout button. Once ready, your customers can scroll through your website and buy whatever they like. However, it wouldn't be a great idea to limit your sales strategy just to your website. 

Exploring different selling platforms such as Pinterest can help you expand your horizons and build a huge customer base. It is a visual discovery engine that allows you to illustrate your creative process and promote your work for sale. Uploading your work on Pinterest can also help you drive huge traffic and get more eyes on your artwork. 

The key to mastering the Pinterest marketing strategy is understanding its parameters in-depth. You need to understand that its purpose is to cater to the user's needs who wants to share or find visual references on the internet. 

With the help of Pinterest boards, you can easily organize your work and use it to reach out to a large pool of potential customers. For a better user experience, you can also subdivide your board into different sections. 

According to digital marketing experts, the benefits Pinterest can offer you are truly endless, provided you know how to use it to your advantage. It would be best to seek professional help to learn how the platform can help you launch your sales in the right direction for obtaining better results. 

3. Go a mile further to market and selling your artworks.

Digitizing your creations and uploading them online isn't enough to achieve the sales target you desire. It would help if you made efforts to generate buzz for your brand and work. 

Fortunately, there are many ways to help you market your work online and drive traffic to your eCommerce site. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Share snippets of your latest creations on social media for better online visibility. 

  • Invest in online ad campaigns to boost your digital growth.

  • Reach out to influencers and use their online presence to build your own.

  • Use content marketing tactics to drive organic traffic. 

Pro Tip: Learn how to protect your work.

Ensuring protection for their work is one of the artists' major challenges while promoting and selling their work online. According to recent reports, artists often complain that their designs have been replicated or claimed by someone. 

That's why make sure you know how to protect your work online by obtaining copyright for your work. This way, you have the right to take legal action against anyone who tries to copy your art. 

Make sure you pick reputable platforms and marketers to sell your work online and limit the chances of fraudulent activities. 

Wrapping up

The internet nowadays has undoubtedly made it easier for artists to access a large pool of potential buyers. So, use the digital marketing tips mentioned above to sell your art and start reaping benefits the right way. 

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