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Webpage Is Currently Unable To Handle This Request. HTTP error 500 Fix

Are you looking for an easy way to fix the webpage is currently unable to handle this request HTTP error 500? Here is How you can do it in multiple ways.

If you are using localhost and you are getting this error then you can go straight down to the section where I have written the solution specifically for localhost.

Some of the common variations of this error you will find depending upon the browser:-

  • HTTP error 500
  • 500 internal server error
  • This page isn’t working HTTP error 500
  • The server responded with a status of 500
  • Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (internal server error)

What does the webpage is currently unable To handle this request HTTP error 500 mean?

HTTP Error 500

If you are using a website then you are most likely to get an internal server error 500 at least once. Before taking a deep dive into fixing this error what the error internal server error 500 means.

It just means that the server had an unexpected problem and because of that it gave an error 500 internal server.

This type of error falls under the 5XX range that has been specifically known as the server errors. Because the server did not carry out the request as was expected. There can you plenty of reasons for this problem.

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How to fix unable to handle the request 500 internal errors?

But before you go on to fix anything or make any move it is recommended to have a backup. Make your backups on different storages to easily retrieve. And also this type of error is easy to fix but sometimes it can be very complex.

If you are able to see your admin dashboard then you can continue from there. Else you should use your hosting control panel such as Cpanel. But it is also necessary to know that this error can be caused by your hosting provider.

So it is also essential to keep in touch with your hosting company and ask about the same. Some common ones of them are listed down below.

Note- Remember only to try to change these settings or files if you know what you are doing.  If all this seems daunting to you. Then I suggest hiring a developer or an expert to resolve this issue. You should play around with these settings or you will make it even worse.

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Common Causes and fixes of HTTP error 500:-

1. Theme or Plugin

Some faulty plugins or themes tend to arise this type of error.  Many plugins or themes not compatible with one another which causes a conflict. In that case, look for the plugin by deactivating all the plugins and activating them one by one. 

Just be on the safe side remove unnecessary plugins that you don’t need. According to my experience caching, plugins cause a lot of trouble. You might want to check that first.

If you think that theme is causing this error then activate a different theme temporarily. You should contact your theme developer and ask for the same.

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2. Wrong permissions

If you are using scripts like WordPress, Magento, Drupal, etc.  Then it can happen that any of your files are having the wrong permission. Permissions like read, write, and execute. For that go to your root directory and set your folder to 755 and files to 644. 

You can use FIle manager in your Cpanel / Plesk etc to do it or an FTP client like Filezilla.

3. Missing key files

There are many important files such as  index.php,  php.ini, htaccess.  These files are important for your website to function properly.  Sometimes these files are missing or get corrupt.  Because your plugins use these settings.

In that case, create a new one and make sure to have the necessary lines of code. Some hosts do not provide much control over these settings.

4. Hosting problems

It can also happen that the issue is from your hosting end. They have changed anything or they are doing any type of maintenance. In some instances, they give you an update before the event, and sometimes they don’t.

For that talk to your hosting representatives and get support by submitting a ticket. 

5. Temporary issues

If you are using third-party applications like CDN services or any edge computing for example. Then there can sometimes be any type of glitch within these applications which may also result in this error.  But like I said these are temporary errors and it happens very rarely. 

6. PHP Versions

This is one of the most common things causing this issue.  PHP versions can be tricky.  It is recommended to update the PHP versions.  But in some cases, it can hurt your website.  So you might want to downgrade to any other versions. Always keep two versions of Php so that you can easily switch if there is a problem.

Along with all these main ones, there can be many more. But first, you would like to consider checking these issues before. Because these are the most common errors causing this problem

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How to fix HTTP 5xx server error in localhost?

If you get a message localhost is currently unable to handle this request HTTP error 500. While using MAMP, XAMP, or LAMP. Then you must try a few things to troubleshoot this error.

  • Change ports to 80 and 3306 or any other
  • Re-install MAMP, XAMP, or LAMP
  • Check localhost settings
  • Use an older version of PHP which is more stable
  • Look for Syntax error or typos
  • Check your root folder location
  • Try different URLs

Final thoughts

I hope this article about “Webpage Is Currently Unable To Handle This Request HTTP error 500” helped you. If you still face any problem then let me know in the comments. Also, use forums like StackOverflow and post your problem there. There are lots of folk with the same problem as you. It’s likely that you will find the solution on these forums. If this post helped you then please share this on social media so that it can help others too.

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    1. Hello Nadia,
      I have seen your website and seems like you have 500 error on your about page. Change your menu item links from “” to “”. That should solve it.

  1. Hi SANJEEV BESRA , i’m also facing this same issues can you please check this…please help to find the solution

  2. I have this problem when trying to log in to the /wp-admin dashboard. I can see the site live. AND all wp sites on my c-panel were affected at the same time . . . ?

  3. Ihsan Berk Memisoglu

    Hi Besra,
    I’ve the same problem on my localhost. I use phpmyadmin as a database. When I try to log in to the admin panel of my website, I face this error without any detail(syntax or something). I tried to change the display error in php.ini but nothing changed. What should I do?

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