How long does it take to learn C++? Find out

If you landed on this page. Then you might be thinking how long does it take to learn C++?  In this article, I would like to discuss this topic in detail.  Everything you should know about C++  before learning the language. And why should you even learn this language in the first place?

How long does it take to learn C++?

The answer to this question would be 3 - 4 months.  This time period is enough to learn about the basics of the language. But you cannot do much with learning the basics. And it is not enough to land you a dream job. The table below shows the time you will need to do so.

Beginner 3-4 Months
Intermediate 1-2 Years
Advanced 2-3 Years
Master 5+ Years

Learning a program does not mean you have to know everything about it.  But only the part that is usable and applicable in modern-day scenarios. You definitely don't need to learn something which is not practiced in today's time. The more in-depth knowledge comes with years of experience.

As we all know C++ is one of the top versatile programming languages.  Widely used across different applications and games.  Industries like Banking and cloud services use it extensively. Almost all major applications from standalone applications to web applications use C++ up to some extent.

It is an extension of language C but it is a whole programming language of its own. Designed by Bjarne Stroustrup in 1979. Over the years this language has evolved significantly.

// Sample C++ Program#include int main(){    std::cout << "Sample C++ Program\n";}

This language also received some criticism because of its complexity. Some concepts are unconventional in comparison to other similar languages. However, the complexity of the program is why many developers are attracted to it. Because it requires more intellectual abilities.

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How to learn C++?

Learning C++

These are a few ways to start learning a programming language. 

  1. You can join a Bootcamp
  2. Take online courses
  3. Go to Academy
  4. Get C++ homework help from experts

Don't want to do all these things no problem. If you want to do it by yourself and learn at home.  You can do that too. There are tons of free tutorials on YouTube where you can learn this language from scratch. You will find a lot of playlists of programming concepts. But having a mentor or instructor is always good.

Learning programming is all about practical knowledge.  But I also encourage you to learn about the theory portion of the language.  It will be very helpful if you invest in some good textbooks. You can also borrow these books from libraries if you have access to it.

If you have some programming language experience. Then it will be easy for you to grasp the language. And you may learn Quicker. Also, some people are just quick learners. If you are one of them then you might learn quite soon. But don't rush in doing so. Take your time and practice more often.

Or you are just moving from a different language like C or Java. In that case, you already know half of the language. Because most of the computational algorithms and functions are the same for all languages. The major changes are the syntax and style of coding. Still, you need to learn a lot of things.

If you are just starting to learn to program.  Then it is recommended that you start with languages such as C.   Then the transition is going to be a little easy for you but not so much. If you are trying to learn this language for fun. Then I will recommend going for other easy ones.

Learning C++

Learn C++

Many experts think that C++  should be the main programming language for beginners.  According to my experience, I learned C ++ after C.  And it was still not easy for me. The language was included in my university years.

If you do not have programming language experience at all. Then I will be honest here. It will take time and it is not a Cakewalk. But eventually, you will get there. I don't want to discourage you by any means. But you should have a strong mindset before writing the first line of code.

As there are a lot of versions of the language.  C++ is being updated almost every year. The latest version is C++20 which was released on 15 December 2020. I suggest don't learn the latest version instead go for the older and more stable version.  Because you have to refer to the older versions again and again. After that, you can learn about the new updates on different versions.


Please choose your favorite code editor and stick to it.  Do not keep changing code editors   There are also plenty of  IDE( integrated development environment)  which makes it easier to code.  But when you are just starting out just use a simple code editor like Notepad++ with autocomplete off.   And not any kind of visual editor that helps you. That only makes you lazy and nothing else. After you reach an advanced level you can use these GUI-based code editors.

The only way you can be good at programming is by writing thousands of lines of code.  There is no alternative method to learn to code. Follow other C++ experts on their blogs and social media.  Join programming communities and forums for example Websites like W3schools are very helpful in learning this language.  Make use of open-source projects. 

If you practice regularly for 3 to 4 hours every day. Or try to write 10 different programs a day. Within a few months, you will be ready for the advanced stuff. 

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Top features of C++

  1. Memory Management.
  2. Platform Independent.
  3. Structured programming language.
  4. Simplified syntax
  5. Multi-paradigm features
  6. Large Community Support.
  7. Scale as you grow.
  8. Powerful & Fast.
  9. Mid-level programming language.
  10. Object-Oriented.
  11. Extensive Library.

It has one of the biggest libraries out there. Apart from all these features. There are so many unique things about this language like Compiler-based and DMA(Dynamic Memory Allocation). You will find out much more as you progress in learning. 

What to learn in C++

These are some of the topics which must be learned. The list is not in any order.

  1. Objects
  2. Inheritance
  3. Preprocessor
  4. Exception Handling
  5. Classes
  6. Multithreading
  7. Abstraction
  8. Signal Handling
  9. Overloading
  10. Namespaces
  11. Files and Streams
  12. Dynamic Memory
  13. Encapsulation
  14. Polymorphism

These are some things you might want to consider when learning the language. A good textbook or course will be of great use because all these topics are structured in a particular manner. So that you don't have any problem learning these topics one by one.

If you start without any structure then it can be very overwhelming. All these topics are interrelated to each other. Do not skip topics and jump on different topics randomly. All these things are laid out in the index of textbooks according to difficulty levels.

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F.A.Q :-

How long does it take to learn C++ to get a job?

As I have mentioned above you need at least 3-4 months to learn the basics.  But to get a job you must know more than the basics.  It also depends upon the job requirements.  There are lots of vacancies that hire professionals at the entry level.

While others require specific years of hands-on experience.  You might also consider getting hired as an intern.  After some time you can be a full-time programmer.  Make sure to have a good-standing CV or portfolio before you apply to these companies.

Is it hard learning C++?

Yes, it is hard to learn this language.  But then no programming language is easy.  C++  is more of an old-school language.  And not like other modern cool languages.  It takes years to master this language.

But if you are dedicated then you can learn the language eventually.  Also, you have to take the right approach.  To understand the language better and start building projects.

Is it worth learning C++ in 2020?

Many people might think C++ is a dying language.  But I differ C++ is an evergreen language.  And will only evolve with time.  There are hundreds of recruitment for C++ developers.

Almost all the giant tech companies hire C++  programmers.  So there should be no doubt about the language going obsolete.  In fact, I have seen more beginners want to learn this language in recent years.

Final thoughts

I hope I have answered the question "How long does it take to learn C++". And you found this article helpful in some way. You can start following these tips and jump-start learning. But before even starting you should ask yourself why you want to learn this language. What are your goals after learning C++? Whether it is developing desktop, web applications, or some cool PC games.

Whatever your choices are you should keep these things in mind while you are learning. Because there are dedicated books and courses for this profession. Lastly, If you have some more questions then you drop them down in the comments section. Want to support this website then share these articles on social media platforms.

Peace ✌

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