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Web Development Languages You Need to Learn Right Now

There are lots of web development languages that are used today. Some are very popular and some are not. Each language has its own pros and cons.  But this article is all about the most popular ones.

If you are looking for answers to questions like. what are web application programming languages? or What are the best programming language for software development? 

Then you will find these answers in this article.

best web development languages

The chart of programming languages provided by Tiobe. About programming languages community index.

top web development languages

The chart for popularity and usability of languages. Provided by PYPL GitHub

Front end Web development languages:-

1. Html5

You cannot talk about web development without HTML. Although it is not a programming language or scripting language. It is a markup language. Html stands for Hypertext markup language.

And the latest version html5 has really upgraded. Now it has more control and capabilities as a front end language. However, HTML alone is not so powerful or effective. But Together with CSS and JS, it can create dynamic applications and websites.

2. CSS3

CSS is the most important technology when it comes to styling the web. CSS and HTML have to work together. At the same time without Html, there is no use of CSS.

The game-changing feature of CSS is making responsive web pages. Which means it can adapt to screen sizes and resolution. Additional CSS has lots of frameworks like Foundation and Pure.

3. Javascript

Javascript( Commonly referred to as JS) is a dynamic typed, object-oriented language. Based on prototype and first-class functions. It is a super lightweight and interpreted language. Equally, it is one of the most important web development languages.

This language is a standalone language that is also used in non-browser environments. The specialty of javascript is to add dynamic effects such as rollover, rollouts, and custom graphics. 

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4. jQuery

jQuery is a JavaScript library designed to simplify DOM elements of  HTML. For creating DOM tree traversal and event handling, It is open-source software free to use commercially. It allows programmers to write less code.

It is made for doing specific tasks and makes Javascript easier. Lots of websites use jquery in their front end. There are rumors that this library is not so effective anymore. But in reality, it has a stronghold in web development. 

5. AngularJS

It’s one of the top front end frameworks today. Maintained by Google and open source contributionsIt supports all the standards of JavaScript. And its much more mobile-oriented now with the upgrade.

AngularJS allows developers to bind data and extend HTML’s syntax to express components. It aims to enhance browser-based applications with the use of MVC. That stands for Model View Controller.

Other important Front end technologies:-

  1. Bootstrap
  2. React
  3. VueJS
  4. Ember
  5. Knockout

Back end web development languages:-

1. Java

It is the most robust language ever. Java has evolved so much since it was launched. It is an open-source language that runs on all environments. It has always been consistent in web development or any computing programming.

There are always new innovations and features of Java launched very often. Many new languages are trying to replace java. But Java is still popular and commonly used for creating applications.

2. Python

Python is a high-level and object-oriented programming language. Its aim is to help programmers write less code for small to large-scale applications. Python is a language construct and goal-oriented approach. 

The unique feature of python is multiple programming paradigms. And also functional and procedural programming. Additionally, it is equipped with a huge collection of libraries.  

3. C++

C++ is no doubt the most powerful language in the C family. Mainly C++ is used for standalone applications and embedded applications. But many large tech com[panis use it.

It can be used for creating games. Some of the Machine learning libraries use C++ as their back end language. Using MongoDB and any host that supports CGI(Common Gateway Interface). However, there are drawbacks to using it.  

4. PHP

PHP is a server-side programming language or scripting language. It has more than 30 million websites running with PHP installed. Most big tech giants use PHP or at least to some extent.

It is one of the oldest and still relevant today. Small and big complex websites can be built by using PHP. There plenty of gigs for PHP development today. Especially for frameworks such as WordPress, Joomla, etc. All runs in PHP.

5. Node.js

It is an open-source and server-side programming language. Specially used to develop network applications for cross-platform environments. Nodejs is a great language for creating dynamic web pages. 

It has an event-driven architecture that is capable of asynchronous I/O. Nodejs is a great language for browser-based applications like games.  In other words good for real-time applications. 

6. Ruby

Ruby is another high level and interpreted language. Mainly focusing on simplifying codes for web development. The syntax is designed to be easy to read and write. It uses the garbage collection feature efficiently.

Some other features are that it supports a multiprogramming paradigm. it is dynamically typed and goal-oriented. The ruby language has a high influence from other languages like Perl, Basic, and Lisp.

Other important Back end technologies:-


  1. Rest
  2. GO
  3. Perl
  4. Swift
  5. Objective-C


  1. Express
  2. Rails
  3. Spring
  4. Laravel
  5. Django
Final thoughts

I hope now you know about the best web development languages. These are the languages needed to create a website or web application. And there are many more too. But these are the main ones.

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