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How to Monetize Facebook Pages with these 8 ways

Facebook is no doubt the biggest social media network ever. With over more than 2.5 billion active users (as of 2019). So if you are not using this platform for monetization. Then you may be missing out on lots of opportunities to make a profit online. But before you think about Facebook monetization you must need at least some followers, to begin with. Let's discuss, how to monetize your Facebook Pages.

When do you start to monetize your Facebook page?

If you are just starting out building your Facebook business page. Then you should focus on getting followers first by sharing valuable content that attracts your audience. When you have 1000 followers then that is a good starting point.

8 ways to monetize Facebook page:

1. Sell Your Services.

If you are offering services online on any platform then bring that on Facebook. Whether it is tutoring, coaching, or any business. You can list your services on the Facebook marketplace or write in your bio section of the page.

Be more creative with it. Use your status to tell about the schemes and offers that you are having for your customers. Even share your past customer testimonials to attract your potential customers. People will check your page and purchase your services eventually.

2. Sell Products Directly.

Selling your products directly from your Facebook page is very profitable as well. Create a shop on your Facebook page where your products can be listed. Your shop will appear on your Facebook Page once it gets approved.

If you don't like to do this manually then you can also use eCommerce third parties like Bigcommerce or Shopify. This integrates with the Facebook page very smoothly. Once a buyer clicks on the checkout button it redirects to the actual product page and you make a sale yes it is that simple.

3. Affiliate products.

Affiliate marketing is also a good option to make money on Facebook. For that, you need to sign up for affiliate marketing. And place affiliate links on the wall or description. But do not spam the community by overdoing it.

With affiliate marketing, you don't need much following. You will need more clicks on your affiliate links and convert them into a sale. That's it and you get a commission out of it. This is the most simple way to monetize your pages and track your earnings.

4. Monetize Facebook page with AdSense.

You can use AdSense ad units on Facebook pages to generate more revenue. If you are already using AdSense on any of your blogs or websites. Then just create an ad unit and on the AdSense platform copy the code snippet.

After that, you need to make some settings on your Facebook pages. Just create a static HTML page and you can now add the code snippet from Adsense. That's it now your banner ads will be visible to everyone.

5. Get Sponsorships.

If you are an influencer and good amount of social following on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube. Then You can get brand deals from different sponsors that are looking out for influencers like you.

You just have to post about their products and services. And you get paid for that irrespective of the leads you generate for them pretty cool right? There are plenty of third-party websites that connect sponsors to influencers like and

Facebook For Creators:

Facebook monetization

Facebook Creator is a platform for original creators that creates videos. With this app, the content creator can connect their Facebook and Instagram accounts. And build a community for their audience where they can create videos, live streams, etc. And monetize their videos easily. Facebook for Creator has all Facebook monetization tools for video content creators.

6. Fan's Subscription.

Fan subscriptions are just like a premium membership program. You can create a community subscription for your fans or followers. In this way, you can create content tailored to your fans and they can consume your content.

Subscriptions can be created on your terms. You can set your own monthly price for your audience. The payment system can be integrated with the platform.

7. In-stream (Video Ads).

In-stream ads or Video ads are for those who are creating high-quality long video content. The content should be original and authentic to be qualified.

Basically, there are three types of ad placements that can be inserted into your videos:

  • Pre-roll.
  • Mid-roll.
  • Image ads.

You can decide for yourself which videos you want to monetize. Facebook will tailor the ad experience to the audience based on location and interest. All the tutorials you will need are present in the creator studio to make the most of the program.

8. Brand Collaboration.

If you have a good number of followers then you are ready for brand collaboration. Brand Collabs manager allows you to get discovered for paid partnership. Corporations are looking for influential individuals to work with.

You partner up with these brands and promote their products and services. Brands and you both can share the profit and build a good business relationship. The more conversion you help them make the more profitable you become.

Facebook Page Monetization F.A.Qs

How do I know if my Facebook page is eligible for monetization ?❓💲🤑

In the creator studio, navigate to the monetization section and click on the policy on the menu. You get the status of the page.

Why is my Facebook page not eligible for monetization?❓😒🤷‍♂️

There is definitely something wrong with your page. Maybe your page is complying with Facebook's terms and policies. You should contact the Facebook support team.


Make sure to follow all Facebook monetization guidelines. Before you start monetizing your pages.

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