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How to get clients for web Development projects and services

Getting clients for web development projects and services is getting tricky day by day. As the web development industry has evolved in every aspects. Its getting very competitive for web development companies and freelancers out there.

For some reputed companies getting clients is easy as a pie. But the companies which are new in the marketplace. They will have a hard time getting their first client. It is always frustrating to get that very first client and from there it get easier.

Still there are few steps that can definitely help you get started. Even if you have been working with some clients and now you don’t get any more offers.

In this article I have laid out few steps or tips that can help you with getting clients. This article is curated both for web development companies and freelancers as well.

9 Tips to get clients for web development projects:-

1. Understand what to offers

Before hand make a list of products and services that you intend to offer. Either you can research what is in demand or stick to your own set deliverables. Along with finalizing your list of services also fix your pricing and time duration for each project.

When you are just starting then you might start from doing something basics. This way you build clients list the easy way. After you have done the basics stuff you can gradually move on complex projects.

2. Use Niche or Micro-Niche

The best practice will be to narrow it down to a specific category or niche. Start to work around a specific type of niche such as Automobile, Medical etc. Clients often ask questions like have you ever work on this type of web development projects.

So if you have a portfolio build around a specific niche or micro-niche. Then clients from those industries are most likely to rely on you. Because you have already provided services relevant to those industries.

3. Open Source projects

It should not be about the money always, sometimes it is about helping others in the community. There are many benefits of contributing to open source projects. But mainly its about giving back.

Open source projects helps you build a sustainable career. On the other hand it also gives you an competitive edge among others in the industry. Some other benefits are code re-usability, improve industry standard. And client tends to appreciate it.

4. Cross Referral

Build a strong relationship with others like you. Interact with them personally not just for work purposes. Sometimes companies have too much work to complete in a certain period of time. In that case they they might want to outsource it to you.

And same goes for you, you can also do the same certainly. Many times client doesn’t even know this. Even big corporation also do this all the time. By this way you build a good connections among you peers.

5. Direct Reach out

Reach out for potential clients directly. There many clients who needs improve on their websites, web applications and mobile applications. If you see any error or any room for improvements than you contact them directly.

Lookout for all local businesses in your area who doesn’t have a web presence. Send them a proposal how you can help them in their business. Its important to use business listing websites and yellowpages such as craigslist etc.

6. Demand Less Give More

This is one thing thats has been a reason for not getting clients for many companies. Initially when you are just starting off then you should not think of getting rich of few projects. First your focus should only on providing services.

When I say demand less and give more that means about the pricing of your services. Which should be less comparatively to others. You should be eager enough to provide them with more and ask less. Give them compelling offers and schemes for your services.

7. Repetitive Clients

Once you get your first client then make sure you keep a long term relationship with them. A good approach to this would be working on ongoing projects. Make sure you clients prefer you all the time they need support or new projects done.

The key to getting more repeated hiring rate is to provide them satisfaction. If clients are not satisfied then that is not good for your overall reputation. If you are unsure about completing projects or giving solutions then never accept the offer in the first place.

8. Marketplaces

Join marketplaces where you can find clients from all over the world. If you are a team than one member can use this platforms to get clients. Although this marketplaces are overcrowded still there are lots of possibilities.

There are hundreds of marketplaces out there. You don’t have to use all of those but at least the top ten ones. This marketplaces also enables you to sell customized services that you can provide directly. Such websites are Fiverr and Upwork.

9. Promotions

This is the biggest tip you need to work on. Use targeted social media platforms to run your campaignas. Promote as much as you can about your company and projects. Its mandatory to make a portfolio online. So its easy for clients to decide what to expect.

There are plenty of website where you can showcase your work. By this way you gain more exposure and more leads as well. Some great examples of this website would be dribble and behance.

Create eye catching social profiles make sure you have your own website before building for others. Make sure to use platforms such as pinterest to showoff your work. If you haven’t already worked on any projects then consider using sample projects as well. By doing all this mentioned above you will definitely start getting client off the blue. If I missed something than do write in the comments.