Monetize your blog with these top strategies

Why Strategies are important to monetize blog ?

So you want to monetize your blog. Then you should start thinking of using multiple ways to generate income to your blog. There are many monetizing strategies which are commonly used today.

Everyone uses different kind of strategies for monetizing their blog.  In order to make good profit one should know about the best and trendy strategies. You should also find out what works best for you.

In this article i will tell you about the best strategies which are popular and most wisely used today, and are proven very successful in blog monetize.

1.Premium Content

You can add a section for exclusive contents. There can be some sort of membership plan for visitors to get access to them. This is a good way of converting your visitors into paid subscribers.

If there are a lot of people who enjoy reading your free content, then it is likely that they can definitely pay you to get something more.

2.Informative Products

If you are good at making products then this is for you. Sell your own products like eBooks, Audios, Videos, Podcasts, Paid courses. You can bundle them with attractive schemes and offers like combo packs etc.

There are many websites and blogs, which earn loads of bucks using this method.


This method requires a good level of expertise. If you are expert in any areas and have a good communication skill, then thats all it takes start coaching. There are lots of students out there eager to learn from you.

Consultation is more service oriented. Service providers can do hourly paid consultation sessions with their clients and customers. It also helps in building long term business relationships.


By introducing a small store in your blog or website. It gives you an opportunity to sale merch or some custom made items. The items related to your niche, can also be added to the store.

It may not be very profitable in some cases, but still you can get some support form your loyal visitors.

5.Affiliate Program

This program is simple you sell others items and you get some commission. All big e-stores are having affiliate programs for publishers. By using your referral link or code.

If someone purchases an item then you get a cut. It is very profitable and the commission rates varies for different products.

6.Direct Ad sales

Sell ad space in your blogs or website or get an sponsorship. This method is very straight forward and very effective. You can either go for In-text add or Banner Ads both works fine.

Find out the best ones with the high paying rates and is suitable for your website without affecting your blog.

7.Banner Advertisement

You can run a advertising network on your website or blog like Adsense, Tribal Fusion, Clicksor etc. Some of them pay a very good amount to the publishers.

They have many types of schemes and offers just check them all out and choose the best one.

8.Sponsored/Paid Post

It is another good way to monetize your blog. You can write paid posts or articles about others products or services. Tons of websites get paid for reviewing products and site on thier blogs.

Website  like PayPerPost have ton of options on their website. You can check them if it works for you or not.

9.Job Boards

They are also a good method to earn through blogs. Many popular blog in different niches have job boards in them sites like mashable. It is pretty useful as strategy and it can also drive plenty of audience attraction to the blog. So it is a win win.


It is not a strategy but still many use it.  Simply adding a donate button in the blog which is tied to paypal. This can only happen if you have a large readers base and they are loyal enough to support you.

But here is the catch you should not be using any other income streams. It can’t be considered as a income stream for the most part.