Affiliate Marketing Platforms and Networks

The 10 best affiliate marketing platforms and networks

What is a Affiliate Marketing?

It is a method of selling others products or services, and get a commission out of it. It’s a good way of earning online with ease. Thousands of publishers use this technique to earn a living. But here is where it gets tricky. Some networks are good and some are not. There are also few who keeps publishers waiting for payouts. So, you should be careful while choosing a good affiliate program.

With the increase in number of Affiliate networks. It is very hard to choose the best program. In this article, i have mentioned the most popular and efficient affiliate marketing programs.

Here is the list of top affiliate programs.

amazon associates

Its one of the top most online shopping brands at present. Maximum numbers of publishers use this affiliate program. Very easy to get started. In this program you can get different amount of commission for different product. So you can easily choose your product accordingly.

shine ads

This is a unique type of network. The first network who are paying there publishers on Per visit on their ads. Just like PPC(Pay Per Click), but slightly different from them. Shine Ads network is running very successful and growing rapidly. Its a very good option to opt.

3.Rakuten linkshare

Rakuten Marketing

Rakutan is a leading Japanese company which provides business plans for affiliate marketing. It is very easy to start just by signing up with the specific plan. As the approval is given you are ready to start off. This network is always been in the list of most trusted networks. Since many bloggers have wrote about it on their blogs. Additionally, payment options are very flexible and can be encashed easily.


ShareASale thumbnail

This company has always been among the top lists when we talk about affiliate marketing. It is also one of popular and trusted networks. Previously, this network included marketing and hosting services. The most widely used genesis frameworks is a big part of its affiliate network. Its highly recommended for affiliate marketers to use this network .

Template Monster

It’s a store that sells premium wordpress themes, templates and other digital products. Variety of offers can be found on this items . Designers place their items on their cart, and when those items are purchased they get a commission. It provides a good affiliate program for the authors. Simply place their ads on your website and earn some bucks as referral.


Clickbank thumbnail

It has always been a brand among the top affiliate networks. Simple and very effective program. You need to follow some simple steps to get approved. Furthermore, you can also promote goods of your own choice and price range. Commissions are up to 75% depending upon the demand of products.

7.Commission Junction

Cj affiliate

It is one of the oldest and trusted network which came in the late 90’s. It is popular because of it its uniqueness . The Pay Per call program that pays users individually for creating further leads. It’s a favorite of many bloggers and webmasters. And its number of users are increasing day by day.


Offer vault

Its a different type of program which acts a yearly affiliate program. It is apart from other affiliate networks. Commission to the affiliated users are based on the downloads, leads, the generation of sale done by them. In addition, it pays for the generation of every new affiliation referrals.


Avangate Affiliate Network

It is emerging solution for selling softwares and other services. A unique place where you can find Premium and freemium softwares. Developers sale their products and earn an good amount. It can be a good for  promoting items and making money by referral.


ebay partner network

Ebay is one of the top money making e-commerce websites. Having almost thousands of users using their affiliate programs. It is easy to getting started with the program .Very popular for ad banners and referral earnings. It also enhances users accessibility to earn more profit.