7 Tips on How to get followers on WordPress Blog.

So you created your blog, did generate traffic, and put some good content out there. But you are not getting as many blog readers as you expected. So how to get followers on Wordpress?

You are probably doing something wrong it's alright. Trust me you are not the only one, everyone was there once. Keep reading this article is going to be very helpful to you.

Creating a blog and ranking your keyword and on-page SEO can make your blog appear in SERPs. But it doesn't help to retain visitors. So you may ask How can I retain visitors? or how do I get people to read my blog? The answer is simple to Turn your visitors into wordpress followers.

Blog readers are the ones that help you in having sustainable traffic. You don't want visitors to come to your blog once and never come back. It is not so easy as it sounds but it's not hard as well.

How to get followers on WordPress organically?

well, you already know that resources are quite the same, but what makes the difference? I have some points which can help you out with this.

  1. You have to be updated, catch the topic before them.
  2. Your content should be beneficial, and the audience needs information and nothing else.
  3. You can take help from the top blogs and websites of your category.
  4. Try to be the best in what you post and be engaging.
  5. Don't make your post very short, make it at least 1000+ words.

1. Publish more often

It's all about content, the more, the better. The more post you have in your blog the more time users will spend on your blog. Make it a schedule to publish a new post in an interval of a few days. You can also use a blog planner to keep it in check.

Experiment with different types of posts such as list-based, research-based, etc. You should also create content especially for your Wordpress followers upon their request.

If you don't have anything new to post. Then you might as well update your old post that needs to be recreated.

2. Highlight popular post

Keep your most popular post stand out from others by placing them on sidebars or footer sections. You can also feature them on the landing page if you have one.

Another important thing would be to create an anchor link from all other posts. Or at least you can use syntax highlighters in the posts from the same category.

Sidebar and area after the post are the best places to add your popular post. If you are using WordPress then most themes have these features enabled by default. If not you can definitely use a free plugin like WordPress popular post.

You can customize this plugin as your theme template and add cools features like views, sections, and comments. 

3. Make them subscribe

An email list is a must if you want to engage with your audience. Never forget to include an opt-in email form on every page. After each post, make sure to add an email subscription or newsletter opt-in.

Using a plugin can make it hassle-free by using its shortcode and placing them wherever you want. The other huge benefit of an email list is affiliate marketing.

It is also good to add a freebie to leverage email sign-ups. An email list is the only thing that keeps bringing steady traffic to your blog.

4. Organized content

Create a theme or content structure that way it is easy for you to create content on the go. By organized content I mean the content should be in such a fashion that it is suitable for your audience.

A good practice would be to make a content planner. In order to know what to blog about.
You should plan out your content for a month at least before publishing any. And the other thing would be to write SEO friendly keywords. All your content should have this:

  • Target Keywords
  • LSI keywords
  • Inbound and Outbound links
  • Heading, Sub - Headings, Bullet Points, Highlighted text area, etc
  • Table of contents(For easy navigation)   

5. Target your Audience

Before you publish any post, bear in mind who is your target audience. Take time to find out the right audience you want to speak to with content. You should know how to write a blog that your readers will like. 

In other words, you should target your audience first and then publish content. It should not be the other way around. Ask yourself these questions first:

  • Who are your readers?
  • What type of content do they like?
  • Why they should read your blog posts?

Once you have all these answers. Then you are ready to set an objective and start creating content. Make sure the content curated according to your audience. 

6. Make it visual

Adding a visual appeal to the content works all the time. But it doesn't mean content without images won't work. Images, gifs, infographics, etc takes the content to a whole new level.

As Neil Patel mentioned in his post. All the search engines love contents with lots of images.
Images help to retain users and make them keep scrolling. And on the other hand, it also increases your chance of search visibility.

By adding your targeted keywords in the alternative text section. And did I mention brand awareness? So it's a win-win. 

7. Call to Action

And the last one would be call to action(CTA). This plays a big role in conversions. CTA is arguably alone enough to retain users and increase lead and sales. 

You should definitely consider using CTA in your blogs. It not you're missing out on lots of engagement with users.

In other words, CTA works as a marketing funnel. CTAs can be used all over the blog but my favorite spot is at the bottom of the post. 

Final Thoughts

These are my tips for how to get followers on WordPress and retaining them. Go ahead and these a try. If I missed something in this article then do tell me in the comments.