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Instant approval directory submission | High PR sites list for 2021

If you are looking for directory submission then you are at the right place. This article includes everything you need to know about instant approval directory submission.

Many people might question “Does directory submission still works in 2021? “or “Do directory listings help SEO?”The answer to both this question is yes.

If you are doing it the right way then it is really good for your blog or website. You don’t have to worry that it is safe or not. Trust me all experts do it.

Before we go into instant approval directory submission. It is important to know what is a web directory.

A web directory also known as a link directory is an online catalog of websites. It is a directory on the WWW. which is listed with people businesses and contact information.

These web directories are still active and used today.  Web directories provide a structured list to make browsing websites easier.

Many web directories act as search engines for website listing. Making it easier for searching and browsing.

what is directory submission?

It is a process of submitting blogs or forums in the web directory. It is one of the top off-page SEO techniques. which results in boosting the ranking and visibility of a web-page.

These high PR sites give you plenty of options to add your website name, description, and URL. And putting your website into different categories and sub-categories.

Why web directory submission is important in SEO?

It is also a good way to link building. These high-quality websites give you a do-follow back-link to your website. Almost all of the top-ranking pages have some amount of directory submission.

And especially for new websites that are struggling with SEO. These websites can really benefit from this technique. It is also used to optimizing the anchor text of your web-pages.

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If you are a business then it is a must that you have your websites submitted into these directories. Website submission directory also allows you to share information about your business.

It can also be used as an online marketing technique. As it increases the chances of getting leads, clients, and customers. As all the potential customers look out for services in these directories.

how to do submission on free web listing directory?

There are two ways of doing this either do it yourself. If not you can hire someone else to do it for you.  But always make sure of high-quality directory submission. Check about the PR of the directory before submission.


  • Check for the free directory list below.
  • Find the ones you like to submit to.
  • Register to the directory websites.
  • Enter URL, description, and other data.
  • Choose category and sub-category if applicable.
  • Some might ask to add HTML snippets to your web-pages for verification.
  • That’s it done.

There is a paid directory submission list too. If you can afford it then you can also use the paid ones. If you’re on a budget then you should stick to the free ones.

Apart from that, there are different auto submission or submission software. But I However don’t recommend it. You must do it manually using the instant approval directory submission sites list.

1000+ Top Free High PR directory submission sites list 2021

Directory List
Final words

This is a list of a few instant approval directory submission sites list. And there are plenty more. But you don’t have to submit your websites and blogs to each one of them. Instead, you can submit to some of the popular ones checking their site health beforehand. If I have missed out on any popular websites then do let me know in the comments.

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