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List of search engines to submit your blog in 2020 updated

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List of search engines website to boost your traffic. Whenever we talk about search engines we only think about Google, Bing or yahoo. But it very crucial to understand the fact that there are many other search engines. That serves millions of results per day. And some of the search engines are banned from some nations.

In order to get huge traffic, you must submit your URL to multiple search engines. This will really help you and give a high page ranking. And your blog or website will be considered as a good one and will be shown in the search results.

Just building a blog or website is not enough to rank them in search engines. It is very important to make sure that your blog or website actually exist on their index. Some of the search engines find your blog or website by default but what about the other search engines.

So it is very important to know all the top search engines. I have listed 20 search engines where you can submit your URLs.

list of Search engines(Updated 2019):-

Final Words:-

The are many reasons for submitting your blogs or websites in other engines. It helps you in link building and improve search engine optimization. Google is on the top of the list in any list of search engines out there.

So it’s very competitive to rank your links in Google SERPs. In that case, all other search engines can be used as an alternative. If I missed any names that should be in the list then do tell me in the comment.