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How to get Free Backlinks for Blog or Website

In order to rank higher in the web searches, you need have to many backlinks. Backlinks are the links which are linked or directed to your website or blog.

Why Baclinks are important?

Many Bloggers and webmasters have been browsing for hours over the Internet. Finding ways to get free backlinks to their blogs.  There are many ways to get them from different sites and forums.

But keeping in mind backlinks can be both good and for worse. Poor quality and spammy backlinks can even hurt your page rankings.

I looked over the Internet in different places and finally, found one great seo tool. This tool can really help you out with getting free back links. This tool is going popular rapidly as many  webmasters are using it.

May be you have heard of it before but, never used it. Than i suggest you should submitted your blogs and websites. The url to the website is

This tool will give you free high quality backlinks. It is a good way to get good Page Rankings. Thereafter, search engines can find your blogs easily.

How does it work? how to get free Backlinks for Blog

  1. First go to the website .
  2. You will find a submitter at the navbar of the page. Enter your blog or website URL.
  3. You can add some optional fields like keyword.
  4. After you submitted your URL this tool will automatically create pages for you.
  5. You have to wait until all the pages are created by the tool.

And now you can enjoy those back links for free, and get high page rankings.