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How to Reverse a Video on Snapchat

If you wonder how to reverse video in Snapchat, this tutorial is for you. Reversing a video means changing the video’s starting point and beginning it from the end. If you are a video editing enthusiast or just wanted to create some cool videos for fun. The reverse video effect works best for action videos or some motion like a flower blossom.

You can use the reverse method on both the videos you upload to Snapchat or recorded ones. And you can use alternative ways to do so.

How to reverse a video on Snapchat

Snapchat is one the most significant social networking out there, and it’s prevalent among youngsters. A different type of application compared to other social media apps. It is packed with filters for editing photos and videos. All the big Snapchat influencers you will see use these filters to grow their audience. Mainly users like to create incredible videos on the Snapchat app. And reversing video is one of them.

But some folks find it hard to use this feature, especially the new users. This feature is available with Snapchat by default, and it’s free. It does not require internet connectivity to work. But for posting or sharing the video, you need the internet.

This tutorial will work both on iOS and Android. And it is applicable for both types of videos (uploaded from the gallery and created on Snapchat). Follow these easy steps below, and you can do this.

  1. Open Snapchat app
  2. Record a video by holding the shutter button (Make sure to keep it under 10 seconds)
  3. After recording, look for the reverse filter by swiping left
  4. Swipe left about 7-8 filters find the filter with three left-pointing arrows
  5. With the new update, the filters also show the video preview with filters applied to them.
  6. Once you are satisfied with the preview, then
  7. Select the filter, and you are done
  8. Now you can share the video you just created or save it in your memory

Apart from reversing the video, you can also add lots of flare on that video before saving it or later on. You can add emojis, emoticons, stickers, texts, gifs, etc. Additionally, you can also add some fantastic music to it.

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What if Snapchat reverse filter missing

Suppose you have checked all the filters available on your app. And still can’t find the filter then. Make sure all the other filters are working perfectly. Well, Snapchat keeps updating its features regularly. If you are running an old version of the Snapchat app, you might miss out on some new features. That is rolled in recently. Then you should update your app and try again.

Alternative Methods

This method is a workaround. If you don’t like the above way, you can do this instead. But I recommend that you use the Snapchat filters. Anyways follow these steps.

  1. Record a video on your mobile in under 10 seconds.
  2. Use any Video Editor from the play store or Apple store
  3. Edit the video by adding the reverse effect 
  4. Save it on local memory
  5. Then upload on Snapchat
  6. You can share it with your friends

If you are into graphics designing or sort of graphics geek, then you can also submit filters to Snapchat. But you must follow their guidelines for your filters to be accepted by them. Remember, there are thousands of submissions. Your filter should be good enough to be considered.

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Final thoughts

I hope this tutorial solves the problem of how to reverse video on Snapchat. There are many cool things you can do inside Snapchat by using these filters. If you have any more doubts regarding this topic, drop them down in the comments. And I will be happy to help you.

Peace ✌

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