Why is Video Marketing The Most Reliable Channel Across Multiple Platforms?

If you’re at least a little involved in the marketing world, you have surely heard that video marketing is, by far, the best option if you want to transfer a message to consumers. People on the internet love videos and spend the most time watching them, compared to any other channel. Videos have been around for more than a century now. The moving pictures revolutionized the media back in the day. People were used to reading the papers, enjoying books, or listening to the radio, but everything else fell into its shadow when the video arrived.

Even now, in the era in which the internet dominates and everyone’s online, people still enjoy the good old movie format. Although the quality and the content creation are entirely different now, it seems like consumers still love the idea of watching a commercial in the form of a video, more than anything else. Why is it like this? What makes people so in love with videos and why is this the best marketing channel that provides the highest ROI for markets, and makes tons of revenue for sellers? Follow up and learn more about this.

Videos are engaging

Videos are the format that people connect the most with. They can feel the story within the moving pictures and empathize with what’s happening in the clip. A great video will keep the viewers engaged, and they will closely listen to every word and see anything broadcasted to their device. So it is necessary to create engaging video content, visually and high-quality using free video editing software to keep engaging with the audience.

Statistics show that people spend way more time watching videos online than reading posts or seeing images. The average time spent watching videos is around 47 seconds. This number was way higher some 20 years ago, but things have now changed, and consumers are simply not interested in your content.

However, if there’s something that will catch the attention of online users, it is the video format. If you own a company and want to deliver a message, video marketing is the best way to do it. Search for the best video production solutions out there, create a campaign that will go viral, and see your brand or product thrive.

Videos set an emotional connection

Unlike any other type of advertisement or post, videos can create an emotional connection with users. If done right, the ad may cause viewers to connect emotionally, and this is something that every company and brand aims for.

A person who is deeply moved by an ad is the person who has the entire attention and awareness for a particular brand. Just think of some brands and their video efforts, and you’ll see how they have done a fantastic job. One of these companies is Coca-Cola - a company with heartbreaking ads known and talked about worldwide.

The only way to fully explain products

There’s a real concern when it comes to explaining products to customers. Videos are doing this job perfectly. Imagine trying to push a product for your consumers, and you need to explain how everything works. Sure, you may write a thorough guide, but no one’s going to read it.

People are not into reading boring corporate documents. You should print it as a legal disclaimer, but if you want to advertise a product and explain to customers how it works, the video channel is what you’re looking for.

In this type of message, a person may show precisely how a product is being operated, its good sides, and what users should mind if they want it to last longer. With proper preparations, you will create a flawless video that will capture the essence of the product and thoroughly show how great it is.

Excellent for your SEO

Everyone knows that SEO is what you need if you want to sell products online. SEO is a tough job in 2023, as nearly all competitors invest heavily in trying to reach the search engine ladder. If you’re also trying to do the same, video can significantly improve your efforts and raise your SEO game.

Since long videos capture the visitors' attention to your page, they’ll stay and watch until the video ends. That shows the search engine robots that visitors are spending a lot of time on your page, showing that they are interested in what you have to offer, thus, raising your relevancy.


If you’re trying to find the right channel to deliver a message, you should know that video marketing is the number one for the job. Videos capture consumers’ attention, so invest in them and raise your business efforts.

Of course, don’t neglect everything else just to focus on video marketing exclusively, but know that investing in it will pay off big times. With 88% of video marketers saying they are satisfied by the ROI, chances are you’ll be satisfied too.

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