Email list Strategies to make huge profit

5 Email list strategies to make a huge profit

What is an email list?

It is a list of users who are subscribed to a website or blog by their e-mail ids. In order to get latest updates and information from the website. With the help of an email list programs like Mailchimp, Eweber. They are premium as well as free up to certain usage.

This companies offers subscribing widget for blogs and websites. If you have a good number of subscribers, then you can earn a lot.

How to start?

It is simple and straight forward process, just takes a little bit of work. First of all you have to be focus on getting more subscribers. Planning on why visitors should subscribe to your blog in the first place.

They are great features which can lock your blog contents. You can use this strategy as a leverage to increase the email list.

Putting up an attractive subscribe floaters in your website that creates an eye catching impact on visitors. You can just give out freebies or other downloads for subscribers of your website. By doing this your email list will gradually grow.

After you get a handful of subscribers to mailing list then you are ready to earn some money from your mailing list .These are the most useful techniques of making money from your mailing list.

1. Start a Premium Email Course

It’s just like e-mail lessons which you going to offer to subscribers to mailing list, for which you subscribers have to pay. Basically there are people who land in your website to find solutions related to your niche.

So stick to a particular problem on your niche. Prepare a series of content which has the solution for a specific topic Ex-“how to do such and such” etc. Create a series or parts of lessons.

Which you have to mail to your subscribers. This strategy is the most passive way of making income from a mailing list.

2.  Video Couching or Tutorial.

Another useful strategy in order to make money from the email list. As by the name itself its understandable that it means giving video solutions.

First making clear about what your subscribers wants to learn from you. Make some demo videos of the solution that your subscribers are looking for ,and in order to view full part of the tutorials they have to pay.

You can give live solution on a topic using web cams or upload it. Create custom animated videos, some people like those too. Sell your videos separately on each topic that works as well.

This method is very successful and is used by many popular bloggers all around the planet.

3. Selling Products

If you have a digital or physical product like ebook, merch etc. Its a good option when there are carts attached to blogs and website. Then include those items in the newsletter for direct sales.

Creating compelling graphics and text, with exclusive deals and offers . You can easily sell lots of products.

4. Affiliate Products

Its a form of affiliate marketing, done via email. There are almost thousands of programs that you can join. Choosing the right products in your niche.

Creating lead magnets through banners and rich texts including the affiliate links. Focusing mainly on the (CTA)Call To Action. Commissions depends upon what type of sells you drive and how much.

5. Selling Adspace

If you are having a good numbers of Subscriber. At least 1000 is good to get started. Check the open and click through rate before hand. Sell a adspace in the newsletter.

Make sure to choose the right product or service, relevant to your content. As the email list grows, so does the profit.