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'YouTube Something Went Wrong' | Here's How to Fix It?

YouTube Something Went Wrong

Have you ever been in the middle of watching an interesting video clip on YouTube and seen "something went wrong youtube" error? It is an experience that can be very frustrating, leaving one confused and helpless. Whether on the YouTube mobile app, desktop browser, or even in YouTube Kids. Do not worry though; this ultimate guide delves deep into the roots of this mistake and equips you with the knowhow and tools needed to deal with it for good, including how to fix something went wrong on youtube.

So together let's embark on this journey to unraveling what is behind the 'youtube something went wrong' error and find out how we can overcome it.

Common causes of 'YouTube Something Went Wrong' error

YouTube error

The 'YouTube says something went wrong' error might appear in different forms, each having its own set of causes. In order to successfully deal with it, there is need for understanding these background reasons first. The following are among many possible factors leading to such annoying YouTube issues and errors:

Browser Cache and Cookies: Over time, data YouTube cache and cookies accumulate within your web browsers which sometimes interfere with YouTube causing the scary error messages.

Outdated Browser or Software: The use of outdated versions of browsers and youtube applications may also result into "YouTube Something Went Wrong" since they could fail to conform with recent YouTube app updates as well as features.

Browser Extensions and Plugins: While some browser extensions/plug-ins enhance online experience, others may cause problems by conflicting with functionality making YouTube show such an error.

Network Issues: If your internet connection is slow or unreliable, then streaming YouTube videos might not happen smoothly resulting in "YouTube Something Went Wrong". This could be due to issues with YouTube WiFi settings, YouTube cellular data, or general YouTube connectivity problems.

Server-side Issues: Sometimes the problem lies with YouTube server issues themselves which could happen as a result of maintenance or momentary breakdown.

By determining the cause of this problem, you can correctly address it through YouTube troubleshooting and continue to enjoy your popular YouTube videos without any interruptions.

How to fix 'YouTube Something Went Wrong' error?

YouTube issue

Fixing "YouTube Something Went Wrong" error might seem overwhelming at first but do not worry! We got you covered with an in-depth step by step tutorial on how to quickly resolve this dilemma, whether you get a "youtube something went wrong try again" message or see "youtube subscriptions something went wrong". Follow these steps and you will be back to your YouTube session in no time:

Clear Browser Cache and Cookies: To rectify this problem, it is advisable that you erase your browser's YouTube cache and cookies since they may be corrupted or outdated and thus conflicting with YouTube.

Update Browser and Software: Always ensure that you have installed latest versions of your browsers as well as Youtube application. Obsolete software may contribute heavily towards triggering "YouTube Something Went Wrong". Consider a YouTube browser update if needed.

Disable Browser Extensions and Plugins: Those extensions or plugins in browsers which are causing issues affecting YouTube must be disabled for some time. You can always turn them on when they fail to affect anything else than what we are considering here.

Check Network Connection: To make sure your internet is working, check if it is stable and reliable. If you experience network issues, try to power-cycle your router, check YouTube network settings, or call your ISP for help.

Clearing cache and cookies to fix the 'YouTube Something Went Wrong' error:

The process of clearing YouTube cache and cookies is one of the best methods that can be used effectively to solve "YouTube Something Went Wrong" issue. With time such files could pile up as well as get corrupted leading to conflict with YouTube functionality. Below are some guidelines on how you can clear cache and cookies:

Google Chrome:

    • Open Google Chrome then click on three dots in the upper right corner.

    • Choose 'Settings' from drop-down menu that appears.

    • Scroll down settings window and choose 'Privacy and security'.

    • Click on 'Clear browsing data' under section titled 'Cookies and other site data'.

    • Make sure both options 'Cached images and files' besides Cookies & Site Data' are checked then select time range e.g. All Time.

    • Click on Clear Data so as remove cache as well as cookies.

Mozilla Firefox:

    • Open Mozilla Firefox then click on three horizontal lines in top-right corner

    • Choose Options from those which appear when you click three horizontal lines

    • After scrolling down until Privacy & Security area click on it,

    • Press Clear Data situated under Cookies along with Site Data segment,

    • Select duration under Every thing heading while keeping Cache Web Content together with Cookies checked,

    • Press Clear button so that cache plus cookies get deleted.

Microsoft Edge:

    • Open Microsoft Edge by clicking three dots located at top-right corner

    • Choose Settings among the options.

    • In the settings window, click on 'Privacy, search, and services'.

    • Under "Clear browsing data," click on 'Choose what to clear.'

    • Select a time range (e.g., All time) and ensure that both Cached images and files as well as Cookies and other site data are selected.

    • Press Clear now in order to delete cookies plus cache.

After clearing your cache and cookies, reload YouTube to see whether the "youtube something went wrong tap to retry" error has been fixed. If not, go ahead with next troubleshooting step.

Checking for updates and disabling browser extensions:

Keeping up-to-date with browsers together with software is important because of the seamless experience we expect from online platforms such as YouTube. Because of compatibility problems caused by outdated software, one may receive an error message like YouTube Something Went Wrong. Here is how you can check for YouTube browser updates or disable browser extensions:

Updating Your Internet Browser:

Google Chrome: Open Google Chrome and click on three vertical dots at the top right then select Help > About Google Chrome. The system will automatically check for any available updates and if found, it will ask you whether you want them installed.

Mozilla Firefox: Open Mozilla Firefox then hit on three horizontal lines found at the rightmost part of its toolbar; after which press Help < About Firefox. Firefox will check for possible updates upon which it will inform you if there are any.

Microsoft Edge: Open Edge, and then press on the three dots located in the upper right corner and choose "Settings," then "About Microsoft Edge." After that, it will check for updates and allow you to install them if there are any.

Disabling Browser Extensions and Plugins:

Google Chrome: Open Chrome, click on the three dots at the top right corner, "More tools" > "Extensions," and uncheck any of them that have a high chance of having issues with YouTube.

Mozilla Firefox: Open Firefox, click on the three horizontal lines in the top-right corner, select "Add-ons and themes." On the "Extensions" tab disable any other browser add-ons that may be interfering with how your apps work with YouTube.

Microsoft Edge: Open Edge; afterwards go to settings by clicking on the three signs at top right side. After this turn off any extension that might clash with YouTube.

After updating your browser and disabling potentially conflicting extensions try reloading YouTube to see if there is any change. If it does not resolve itself and you still see the error move on to next troubleshooting steps.

Fixing network issues to resolve the "YouTube Something Went Wrong" error:

To ensure consistent, smooth YouTube streaming, you must have a stable and reliable internet connection. Network problems can result in the much-feared "YouTube Something Went Wrong" error. The following troubleshooting steps can help fix any YouTube network settings or connectivity issues:

Restart Your Router: Sometimes, simply restarting your router could solve temporary network issues. Unplug it from the power source, wait for a couple of minutes then plug it back in again. This will reset your YouTube WiFi connection and may fix "YouTube Something Went Wrong."

Check Your Internet Speed: If your internet is slow, videos will keep buffering and get interrupted resulting in an error message saying something went wrong while playing video. Check online using a tool for checking your internet speed to ensure it meets the recommended specification required for watching videos on YouTube without buffering.

Disable YouTube VPN or Proxy: Virtual Private Network (VPN) or proxy servers which are sometimes used by individuals should be turned off temporarily. These services might interfere with YouTube's functionality leading to that "YouTube Something Went Wrong" error.

Connect to a Different Network: You could attempt joining another network e.g., mobile hotspot or someone else's Wi-Fi if available just to see whether this issue persists or not. It may help you decide whether the problem is limited only to your current network or extends beyond that.

Contact Your Internet Service Provider (ISP): In case none of the above methods worked and you still experience suchlike network difficulties, contact your ISP without delay as they will be able to guide you through diagnosing and fixing any underlying issues with your internet connection.

Updating or reinstalling the YouTube app

When using the YouTube application on either mobile devices or smart TVs like Android TV box experiencing “YouTube something went wrong”, updating/reinstalling solves most of the issues. These are the steps:

Updating the YouTube App:

For Android devices:

    • Go to Google Play Store app.

    • Type and search for "YouTube," then choose the official YouTube application.

    • Click “Update” if new version available.

For iOS devices (iPhone/iPad):

    • Open App Store app on your phone or tablet

    • Tap on your profile icon located at the top right corner

    • Scroll down to "Available Updates" section, where you will find YouTube.

    • If there is an update, click “Update” next to YouTube.

Reinstalling the YouTube App:

For Android devices:

    • Open Google Play Store app

    • Look for "YouTube", pick original YouTube application from results list.

    • Tap on uninstall button and remove this application from your device.

    • After uninstallation, press install button and get back latest release of YouTube application.

For iOS devices (iPhone/iPad):

Find out where you have located it within home screen or app library in case of using a smartphone or tablet respectively

  • Put finger over icon until it starts shaking
  • Press X mark to delete it from your device
  • Use app store search box entering “youtube”
  • Press “get” that will make installation process start again.

After updating or reinstalling the YouTube app, launch it to see if the “YouTube Something Went Wrong” error is gone. If it still happens, move on to the next troubleshooting step.

Reporting “YouTube Something Went Wrong” Error To YouTube Support

If none of the previous troubleshooting steps have resolved “YouTube Something Went Wrong”, then its time you seek more help from YouTube’s support team. Below are some ways you can report this issue:

Visit the YouTube Help Center: Visit (official YouTube Help Center website) and tap on Send feedback button.

Provide Detailed Information: Fill out the feedback form with much detail as possible concerning your issue. Include details such as exact error message being displayed, any steps that you have already taken in an attempt to troubleshoot and any other relevant information about your device, browser or app version.

Attach Screenshots or Recordings: Where possible attach screen shots or screen recordings exhibiting clearly “YouTube something went wrong” error for better understanding and diagnosis by YouTube’s support group.

Submit the Feedback: After providing all necessary information, submit feedback form to YouTube support team.

Monitor for Responses: This is where you keep checking your email inbox in case there are any responses or updates from YouTube’s support team. They may ask for more details or give specific instructions through which problem could be resolved.

By doing this, you will be able to identify the root cause of a situation whenever there are no personalized solutions hence allowing further investigations or changes by the YouTube Support Team.

Tips On How To Avoid Future ‘YouTube Something Went Wrong’ Errors:

While it may be annoying encountering ‘youtube something went wrong’, taking several proactive steps can minimize its likelihood next time. Here are a few things that will assist you watch YouTube smoothly:

Keep Your Software Up-to-Date: For smooth compatibility with the latest features and bug fixes always update your web browser, operating system, and YouTube app regularly.

Manage Browser Extensions and Plugins: Sometimes browser extensions and plugins can interfere with the functionality of YouTube, therefore it is important to regularly check on any unnecessary browser extensions or plugins that you do not need to keep.

Clear Cache and Cookies Regularly: Clear your browser cache and cookies at a regular interval since accumulation of corrupt data in them can cause problems with YouTube.

Monitor Your Network Connection: Keep an eye on the speed and stability of your internet connection. If there are issues, troubleshoot or contact your internet service provider for help.

Use Reliable Devices and Hardware: To avoid encountering technical issues while streaming YouTube videos, ensure all equipment for example routers modems etc. are up-to-date as well as functioning properly.

Stay Informed: For updates, announcements, known problems that might affect what you watch follow YouTube’s official channels like (blog, social media).


The YouTube Something Went Wrong error can be a very annoying hindrance when one is in pursuit of endless entertainment, knowledge or information on the site. Nonetheless, understanding the root causes of this challenge and going through the troubleshooting steps that have been detailed out in this paper could help an individual regain control and bring back YouTube’s viewing pleasure.

It is critical to note that clearing your cache and cookies, updating your software, disabling extensions, and network problems as well as soliciting assistance from YouTube’s team are all effective approaches in overcoming this issue. By taking measures that will prevent such occurrences one can be able to minimize the chances of this happening again in the future.

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