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Which tool helps you measure the success of your website?

Which tool helps you measure the success of your website?

A) Keyword Planner

B) Ad Gallery

C) Ad Preview Tool

D) Analytics

The correct answer is D Analytics


Google Analytics is one of the most popular free analytics platforms. It provides valuable in-depth data about website statistics. Data like who is visiting your website and from where. It is equipped with all the key insights that can help you measure the progress of your website.

Important metrics that help you measure the success of your website.

Basics analytics metric

Bounce rate – This metric tells about how quickly a visitor leaves your website. The lesser the bounce rate the more engagement your visitors have with your pages. If you have a high bounce rate then you should start to strategize things.

Visitors – The number of people who visit your website. Tells about your website growth by giving the number of sessions for a specific period.

Landing pages– This metrics shows the pages that your visitors use to land into your websites. Very much similar to the keywords.

Exit pages – This is the page from your visitors leaves the website. Showing the pages that are not so great for your readers.

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Traffic source – The sources from where your visitors come to your website. Such as organic, referral, social platforms, Ad campaigns etc.

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Advanced analytic metrics

Keywords – Tells about what keywords are ranking on search engines and their positions. It gives an idea about your SEO optimization.

Average time – This metric tells you about how much time your visitors spend on your website on an average. This gives you an idea of what pages the visitors spend the most time on.

Conversion – This metric shows the call to action of your website. Such as signing up, membership, or sales, etc.

Which tool helps you measure the success of your website? FAQs

How do you evaluate the success of a website?

You should look for the key metrics like Visitors, Click through rate, Conversion rate, Bounce rate and Average time etc.

How is website quality measured?

Ranking index like Alexa ranking, Domain Authority, Page Authority, Quality Backlinks, Spam Score and Page loading speed etc.

What makes a successful website?

A website which has a clean user interface, organized categories, proper navigation and providing a good user experience

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