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Social Bookmarking Sites List For Free Backlinks

Are you looking for a social bookmarking sites list? Then you are at the right place. Social bookmarking or Tagging is an online service that allows users to add and share bookmarks of internet documents. The main reason for social bookmarking is to get more exposure. And also to get a high authority backlink for a website.

Online bookmark management services started during the ’90s. Delicious was one of the oldest and most popular platforms launched in 2003. Social bookmarking has been practiced for years now, and it’s still effective. This article is all about Social bookmarking and its importance.

What are social bookmarking sites?

bookmark list

Social bookmarking websites are the type of websites that allow us to bookmark. It should be confused with social media websites. These websites allow users to organize their bookmarks with relevant tags. And not like the web directories which use categories or folder-based systems. 

But some bookmarking websites offer both categories and tags. So It is easier to manage bookmarks from a centralized source. And also, track your bookmarks performance. Additionally, these platforms have like and voting features.

How do you do social bookmarking?

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So now that you know about social bookmarking, it’s time to do it. To do so, some things are essential to consider. It is very crucial to use relevant tags on your bookmarks. For Instance, you were to create a bookmark for a chocolate cake blog post. Then it would be best if you used tags like Cakes, Desserts, Birthday cakes, etc.

That way, your bookmarks can be indexed and get more exposure. And even get a handful of traffic to your website or blog.

Steps to Social Bookmark:-

  1. Choose the bookmark website from the list below.
  2. Now register with your preferred login methods.
  3. Go to add links or bookmark options.
  4. Copy and paste your website links.
  5. Select relevant tags
  6. Save it. 
  7. That’s it done.

Backlinks play a significant role in SEO, as they help you increase your website’s DA and PA. You get a quality backlink by sharing your content with these social bookmarking sites. And these backlinks will also improve your website’s ranking in search results.

These platforms allow you to tag your backlinks by tagging them by type, category, etc. By sharing more and more bookmarks on these websites. You are creating an excellent link-building strategy for your website.

Why is Social Bookmarking important?

Social bookmarking is vital for many reasons. As you know by now, social bookmarking improves your site’s online presence. It will rank all your keywords higher. By doing this, your website’s domain authority will get a boost eventually.

The main concept is that hundreds of people are on a platform. See your bookmark and take action like a favorite, share. Follow the page. This will move your bookmarks to the top of the category. And even placing them into the recommended or featured section.

The more likes a site obtains, the more trusted it is, which means many eyeballs on your bookmarks. Just imagine if your bookmarks appear on the top pages of all major bookmarking sites. That is what every SEOs want to achieve.

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Especially if you have a new blog or website, it is a must. Every web admin recommends bookmarking once in a while. It is a healthy way of link building, and search engines like it too.

High PR social bookmarking sites list

1. Pinterest

2. Digg

3. Reddit

4. Fark

5. Mix

6. Pocket

7. Tumblr

8. Weheartit


10. Slashdot

250+ High DA social bookmarking sites



I hope you enjoyed this article about the free social bookmarking sites list. 

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