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Search Engine Submission Site List 2022 For SEO

Search engine submission site list to boost your traffic. Whenever we talk about search engines we only think about Google, Bing, or yahoo. But it is very crucial to understand the fact that there are many other search engines. That serves millions of results per day. And some search engines are banned from some nations.

In order to get huge traffic, you must submit your URL to multiple search engines. This will really help you and give you a high page ranking. And your blog or website will be considered a good one and will be shown in the search results.

Why use search engine submission site list

Just building a blog or website is not enough to rank them in search engines. It is very important to make sure that your blog or website actually exists on their index. Some of the search engines find your blog or website by default but what about the other search engines.

Bulk search engine submission services are available on the Internet if you like to go for that you can also go for the organ can independently submit the website URL to search engines separately. There are both paid and free search engine submissions. You don't have to pay any of this the free method works fine.

Some missions are very much necessary for any website especially if it is new to index and rank better in the search engine results.

Benefits of SEO submissions

free search engine submission

The Other benefits of adding a URL to search engines such as Google Webmaster. Can help you identify all the important factors that are required for your website for better performance. It can be sitemap issues or page indexing issues or something related to that.

URL submissions are a one-time thing you don't have to do them again and again. You may ping your URLs each time you add a new post or page to your blog. In order to rank better in search engine results.

Most search engines index your URL within a short time but ranking your pages for specific words can take up a while. If you have a good domain authority then your keywords can rank much faster. Creating backlinks can also be very helpful.

Many new bloggers or webmasters forget this part but it is crucial to do this.

So it is a good practice to always submit a website or blog URL to the search engines. Before that, it is essential to know the top search engine URL in the first place. The most popular ones or the most used ones to get more traffic to your pages. I have listed 41 search engine submission sites where you can submit your URLs.

Search engine submission site list(Updated 2022):-

  1. Google
  2. Bing
  3. Yahoo
  4. Alexa Web Search
  5. Live Search
  6. Baidu (Chinese search engine)
  7. Aol Search
  8. ExactSeek
  10. SearchSight
  11. Scrub the Web
  12. Excite
  13. EntireWeb
  14. Gigablast
  15. Exalead
  16. Lycos
  17. SearchKing
  18. whatUseek
  19. AnooX
  20. Splat Search
  21. Walhello
  22. SearchIt
  23. email Mozdex
  24. Dodpile
  25. Infotiger
  26. Abacho (European search engine)
  27. Submit-one
  28. TowerSearch
  29. HotLaunch
  30. Shoula
  31. The-search-site
  32. Websquash
  33. Unasked
  34. eVisum (educational resource)
  35. DinoSearch
  36. SearchRamp
  37. SearchtheWeb
  38. Wolframalpha
  39. Mixcat
  40. BestYellow
  41. Beamed

Final Words:-

The are many reasons for submitting your blogs or websites to other engines. It helps you in link building and improves search engine optimization. Google is on the top of the list in any search engine list out there.

So it's very competitive to rank your links in Google SERPs. In that case, all other search engines can be used as an alternative. If I missed any names that should be on this search engine submission site list then do tell me in the comment.