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50 High PR dofollow Forums to get backlinks for SEO

Let us face it. Every Website or blog needs a little number of quality backlinks for SEO. Especially if you are just starting your blog. All the pages resulting in the top pages of SERPs are having a good number of backlinks.

What are backlinks in the first place?

Backlinks frequently called as inbound-links or incoming links. They are the links that are from different websites pointing to your site. The websites that are giving you backlinks are called as Referring domains. These links are essential for link building. 

Type of Backlinks:-


Every hyperlink act as a do-follow naturally. Do-follow could be your links, which are linking from additional internet resources to your site. These links are receiving SEO advantages from most search engines.

To put it differently, these links function as a pathway for your site. With the assistance of a text called can be an Anchor text that keeps the hyperlinks.

Many reports indicate that those links help improve site rank unusually. A fantastic practice is to have 30 percent do-follow backlinks on your backlink profile.


These links precisely are like the do-follow links except that a no-follow feature is included in it. The no-follow value is made due to the spamming of links.

The search engines utilize backlinks mostly to rank web sites.  And the do-follow links were affecting the whole blogging community. So, they introduced this particular value to lessen the over-using of do-follow links.

The No-follow links additionally play a significant part in web site rank. At least 60-70% of no-follow backlinks are good. 

Why do you need backlinks for SEO?

Often search engines change their algorithms, but backlinks are still one of many vital factors. The search engines use backlinks to rank your website and position them for focused keywords consequently.

Bear in mind, the more high quality backlinks you get. The higher your websites show in the SERPs. Backlinks are commonly treated with good, bad, and average. Which can be ranked by metrics to grade, quantity, and value.

Many folks use backlink generators for creating backlinks for SEO. But I don't recommend it. It is imperative to prevent creating bad backlinks. For that google, and other search engines can even penalize you.

How to get backlinks:-

  1. Start doing a Guest post on high PR blogs.
  2. Use Dofollow Backlinks Forums.
  3. Publish your blog post to article directories.
  4. Submit your Blog to a popular niche directory.
  5. Get citations from other blogs.

List of High PR Blogs:-

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Final thoughts

It is always good to create backlinks for SEO but never overdo it. Also, don't use software to get backlinks. Try to keep it natural and also check about the website PA, DA, and PR before creating backlinks. If I missed any forums in this list then kindly let me know in the comments.