Key Steps to Leveraging Microsoft Viva Services and Support Effectively

Introducing Microsoft Viva, a platform that has the potential to transform how teams and supervisors collaborate thoroughly. It has a ton of features, incredible advantages, and practical use cases designed to meet contemporary business difficulties. Since Microsoft Viva's launch, the technology has drawn a lot of interest, and many people are curious about how it may improve the employee experience and what exactly it can provide organizations.

Here's how Microsoft Viva can benefit your staff by integrating your current technology and allowing their features to work together for a genuinely improved user experience.

What’s the overview of Microsoft Viva and its importance in the digital workplace?

Microsoft Viva fundamentally represents Microsoft's entry into the employee experience space. Its goal is to surface the experience in Microsoft Teams by combining knowledge, learning, well-being, and organizational news into one package. This aims to address a particular issue that many organizations face.

They have invested in a variety of platforms, including digital workplaces and learning and content. However, it turns into a disjointed patchwork for many. Using Microsoft Viva consulting services and support can enable the cohesive integration of different procedures and apps that you may have but aren't part of the Microsoft ecosystem.

To put it another way, it's similar to having a personal assistant who can keep you informed, on top of things, and in contact with your team. You can easily share information with your coworkers, access training classes, and receive personalized news and insights with Microsoft Viva. It's an all-in-one solution that claims to improve everyone's experience working remotely.

Step 1: Understanding Microsoft Viva Services

Microsoft Viva's concept is as straightforward as it is powerful: staff members may collaborate and share ideas on the platform. Microsoft Viva provides news, discussion, and interest-based forums for managers and staff. The many modules facilitate communication inside the organization, support the development of abilities like focus and introspection, and offer chances for additional training and education. The features of MS Viva simplifying workflow are, therefore, entirely focused on the experience of the employee in the digital workplace.

The results have positive impacts on the company's work culture, expertise, and improved, compassionate staff communication. Microsoft provides Viva Goals, Viva Engage, and Viva Sales in addition to the four main Viva products.

Viva Learning

Viva Learning provides tips to improve workplace communication for your business. For example, you can control learning materials on the platform and provide them to your staff based on your learning goals in Viva Learning because learning materials can be customized to fit each learner's unique skills and abilities. Viva Learning makes it easier for employees to receive personalized development.

Employees may learn comfortably in their Microsoft 365 Digital Workplace by integrating Microsoft Viva with Teams. So, during this process, they can share familiarity and assist each other by communicating with colleagues to trade ideas.

Viva Topics

Artificial intelligence is operated by Microsoft's Viva Topics intelligent knowledge management platform to organize and organize knowledge. After filtering it from various company resources, the AI assigns pertinent data to thematic maps. Additionally, you can customize Viva Topics with your own topics to suit each employee's unique requirements because they directly influence which topic cards are relevant to them and which are not by providing feedback on an individual basis.

For instance, staff members may examine topic cards and highlighted subjects in SharePoint and Teams instantaneously, and they can receive AI-powered responses to their queries in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Viva Insights

Employees are not devices. Although this may seem like a no-brainer, commercial technology has long since mostly disregarded it. IT tools—be they spreadsheets, CRMs, or email—are created with productivity as their primary goal. They aim to make employment as productive as possible for those who need it. Naturally, assisting individuals in doing duties efficiently is beneficial. The issue, though, is that most commercial IT solutions let you work for as long as you can.

But the truth is that humans occasionally need to stop and go to sleep! There is a serious risk of workers burning out, particularly in the age of remote working, when it is simpler than ever for people to stay connected to their workplace productivity solutions. Hence, the purpose of Viva Insights is to give people and businesses a sense of how employees are performing at work. It has many functions that measure well-being in many ways and then provide suggestions on how to make it better.

Viva Connections

Viva Connections offers a customized perspective on news, discussions, and communities through the use of the apps and gadgets that your employees are already familiar with and frequently use. It provides all the necessary resources for workers to remain focused and find what matters most to them at any time, wherever. Their ability to share thoughts and feel heard is facilitated by it.

Viva Goals

Viva Goals establishes group accountability and milestones to help you stay on course and concentrate on what really counts. It also provides people with a clear understanding of what they must do. Accountability and clarity strengthen team dynamics and free you up to concentrate on your current job.

Step 2: Develop a strategic plan for implementing Microsoft Viva

It is crucial to understand that Viva tools stick to the same security, compliance, and privacy standards as the other Microsoft 365 products because they are built on top of Microsoft 365. So, for the implementation, you set the same setting. In order to utilize and configure tools, organizations must comply with the requirements placed on data controllers in all pertinent nations and areas for our organization.

Step 3: Maximize the effect by integrating Microsoft Viva into current work patterns.

This has a bigger effect when integrating Microsoft Viva with existing workflows. Organizations can promote a more engaged, productive, and connected workforce by implanting Viva services into employees' daily routines, including:

  • Learning and Development
  • Knowledge Management
  • Employee Engagement
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Goal Setting and Tracking
  • Employee Well-being
  • Continuous Improvement

These strategies will help organizations integrate Microsoft viva into their operations seamlessly and exploit it for the transformation of their workplaces.

Step 4: Utilize Microsoft's support resources

When it detects a technical error, the Microsoft Support Assistant runs diagnostics tests to diagnose problems and provide the best solution. Nonetheless, it doesn't measure individual concerns but still facilitates general assistance through interoperability between Office 365, Outlook, and Windows problems. Once the Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant detects any issues, it will offer you instructions on how to proceed with them and help you get in touch with Microsoft support should the latter fail to fix the problems.

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