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Importance of Thumbnails – Know How to Design Effectively

Well, it’s the thumbnail of the video that makes the viewers’ minds about watching a video or skipping it. If you wish to know more about the importance of thumbnails, you are at the right place. “The first impression is always the most crucial one.” You might have heard this phrase several times in your life. It is undoubtedly true, as people start making judgments about a thing right after it crosses their eyes. Similar is the case for the videos uploaded on social media platforms and video streaming sites.

You might think about how a person can make a perception about a video without watching it altogether. This blog will take you through some reasons that highlight their importance. Moreover, you’ll also learn about the most effective way of designing thumbnails. So let’s delve into it without any further delay!

Why Are Thumbnails Important?

As more and more people are jumping into the realm of video creation, it’s getting difficult for creators to obtain views. While trying out different strategies to increase your viewership, you shouldn’t ignore the importance of thumbnails.

Here are some of the reasons that explain their importance for video content.

Improve Ranking

Thumbnails significantly improve your videos’ ranking on various platforms, especially YouTube. It’s because search algorithms of such platforms consider user engagement a critical factor in ranking videos.

A well-crafted thumbnail that accurately represents the video’s content can entice viewers to click on your video. More clicks and engagement signal to algorithms that your video is relevant and engaging, which can lead it to higher rankings in search results.

Therefore, an attractive thumbnail can directly impact your video’s discoverability and online presence.

Build Awareness About the Video

Another reason behind the importance of thumbnails is that they act as visual teasers for your video content. A compelling thumbnail can give potential viewers a glimpse of what your video is about. It possesses the power to pique their curiosity and encourage them to watch. In addition, a thumbnail serves as an advertisement for your video, making the users click through and give it a watch.

Over time, consistently designing compelling thumbnails will build awareness about the video and your brand/channel. As a result, the viewers will be able to identify your videos amidst a sea of content and eagerly wait for your upcoming content.

Grab Attention

Due to the massive competition in the online world, grabbing the audience’s attention is a constant challenge for content creators. To overcome this challenge, they can utilize the power of thumbnails. With a visually striking and relevant thumbnail, your video can stand out in the feeds of users,

whether it’s shared on a social media platform or a video-sharing website. It’s a known fact that humans are naturally drawn to visuals; hence, an eye-catching thumbnail can capture the interest of potential viewers.

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Incorporating elements like bold text, contrasting colors, and expressive images in your video’s thumbnail will stop viewers from scrolling and encourage them to explore your video further.

How to Design Thumbnails Effectively?

As you have understood the reasons behind the importance of thumbnails, you must be eager to jump into the process of creating them. You can get this job done by hiring a designer, but it will cost you a lot. If you wish to design thumbnails effectively on your own, then you can get your hands on the YouTube thumbnail maker app.

This app allows you to create a thumbnail from the comfort of your smartphone. You don’t need any designing skills to utilize a thumbnail maker, as you are just required to follow a simple process, which is discussed below.

Select a Thumbnail Template

When you access the Youtube thumbnail creator app, the first thing you’ll come across is the excessive variety of templates. These templates are compiled into different categories for your assistance. For instance, if you want to create a thumbnail related to gaming, you can access this category and hunt down your favorite template.

Each category in the thumbnail creator app consists of a copious amount of ideas. Select any template you think resonates with your video and modify it.

Alter the Elements

Once you have selected a template, you must use it as it is. It’s best to make modifications as per the nature of your video. For instance, the dummy text it contains should be replaced with more engaging content relevant to your video.

Similarly, you can also amend the font color, size, typeface, etc. In addition, you can explore the gallery of elements, like shapes and stickers, to add any effect to the thumbnail you are designing. The thumbnail maker app also offers you a range of background options to help you make your thumbnails more captivating.

Import Images

The Youtube thumbnail creator app allows you to import images and add them to the thumbnail you are designing. When designing a thumbnail, it’s best to add some snapshots from the video that help the viewers know what it contains. Any picture that can pique the interest of the viewers in watching your video can be added to the thumbnail.

It will make your thumbnail captivating and increase the chances of gaining more views. However, you should avoid using any click-bait images, as they might make the viewers click on the video, but it can lead to a loss of reputation.


Once you have completed designing a thumbnail, you can easily save it to your device. The thumbnail maker offers a convenient way to save your thumbnail design with a single click. You may also get the option of saving the thumbnail in your preferred format.

That’s All!

In the last analysis, you must take advantage of the benefits offered by thumbnails for increasing your viewership on YouTube and other video streaming and social networking sites.

Designing thumbnails isn’t a hassle anymore due to the availability of the thumbnail creator app.

It’s best to design thumbnails yourself, as you can save yourself from paying a lot of money and complete the job in a few minutes.

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