How To Prepare Your Virtual Presentation Professionally

You’re giving an introductory virtual presentation, and you need to make sure your bases are covered. It would be best to get your virtual office background set up, your note cards prepared, and your mindset in the right place. Here’s a quick primer on what to do.

Prepare Your Space

When you work from home, you don’t always have the luxury of having a professional-looking background behind you, especially if you don’t have a dedicated home office. Family members and pets may wander in and out of view, things behind you may be distracting, or you may not want everyone seeing your stuff.

Using a Google Meet virtual background helps you provide a background that hides your family, pets, and belongings and makes you look more professional. When you have a virtual background, you can project any image you want, whether a background with lovely artwork on a wall or one with your name, company name, and contact information.

Plan Out Your Presentation

Planning your presentation is the essential part of giving a professional appearance. You must know your material inside and out, especially if you plan to open for questions at the end of your talk.

You should ideally speak from memory if you’re giving a presentation without a slide deck. If you don’t feel like you’re ready for that, you can prepare note cards with the bullet points of your speech. Don’t put too much information on each card; stick with the basics.

Don’t put too little information on your cards, either. If you get nervous, you may forget what “baby shoes” refers to; it could be an anecdote about baby shoes. A suggestion that your company starts manufacturing and selling baby shoes, a reference to a new hip hop artist named Baby Shoes, or anything else.

If part of your presentation will include a slide deck. Make sure everything on your slides is crisp and clean, clearly legible, and uncluttered. You don’t want people straining to read too-small print on your slides. Only put one concept on each slide. With most slide deck presentation software, you can write notes for yourself for each slide. Which the people you’re presenting to won’t see.

Manage Your Mindset

It’s easy to get nervous or flustered when presenting to a group. The fear of public speaking is one of the most common fears. It doesn’t matter if you’re presenting to one person or a thousand; the fear is still accurate. That’s why mindset preparation is crucial.

In the days or weeks before your presentation, you can use various techniques to get your mindset where you want it to be to show up as the most professionally prepared person you can be. The first is meditation. You can use guided meditation directed specifically at targeting and lessening fear, stress, and anxiety. Another method is EFT tapping. You tap your index and middle fingers on specific points on your body as you discuss your feelings about giving a presentation.

To give a professional virtual presentation, you need Zoom immersive view templates, a thoroughly planned presentation, and the right mindset. With those three things, you’re far more likely to succeed.

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