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How to message someone on Youtube

Wondering how to message someone on Youtube. In this article, I will share all methods by which you can contact Youtubers.

YouTube is the biggest video-sharing platform out there. It allows users to upload and share videos and much more. You can find every type of video on YouTube. From short funny clips to hour-long documentaries.

In Other Words, it is a video hosting service provided by Google. According to the survey, more than 1 billion hours of content is being watched on YouTube every day and growing.

Just like any other social media profile. It is also a place where you can connect with other people. But it is not so easy as it sounds. Messaging other users on YouTube is not that straightforward. Compared to other social media profiles.

As Youtube removed its official inbox messaging service a few years back. But still, by using some methods you can talk to other users.

Before talking about how you can message someone on YT. Let’s understand some things before doing so. Most of the YouTube content creators are only looking for inquiries that are business-related.

They do not entertain any type of messages other than that. So you cannot just text them “hello” without any appropriate reasons. Chances are likely that you will be blocked if you do so. The reasons why you should message them are as follows.

Why should you message someone on YouTube?

  • If you are a company looking out for paid promotions, brand deals, or sponsorships.
  • You want your product to be reviewed.
  • If you are a content creator and you want to collaborate with others
  • If there is a copyright infringement
  • You want to buy courses of products from YouTubers

These are the primary reasons why you want to connect with other YouTubers. There can also be some exceptions. But other than that these are the main ones why people contact YouTubers.

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5 ways-How to message someone on YouTube

Business Email

The first method is to contact them by their email address. You can send any email messaging services to send mail. Just copy the email address from the about page on the YouTube channel.

Remember when you write an email. Do not write a long essay on those emails. Try to make it short and precise. Do not keep sending emails if they don’t respond to you right away. Give it sometime maybe a few days later you can send a follow-up.

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If you are sending mails from my private mailbox. Then there are chances that the emails would end up in the spam box. So in that case you can use services like Gmail, Outlook, etc. Just remember business inquiries only.

Social profile links

Some YouTube channel owners do not give their email on their channel. Look for any social media links on the profile. You can find those links on the same about page on their channel. You also see those links on the right corner of the channel page just under the channel art.

Most creators give out all the social media profiles in the description box of all videos. Just follow those links and add them as friends. Are you can just shoot them and direct message regardless. Some social media platforms allow you to do that.

If they do not reply to you after few days. And your message is left unread which means they haven’t been online lately. Then you can use any other social media platform in their profile.

Official Website

Some serious YouTubers would have dedicated websites for their YouTube channel. In most cases with the same as their channel. After you go to the website look for any page like ” contact me” or “contact us”.

On that page, you will find a contact form. That will require your basic information such as name, email address, etc. And you can write your message there in the given space.

After that, they will send your reply to the same email address that you used in the contact form. So use the official email address that you use regularly. You can also find social links on their websites. And it is a real business then you will find contact no, maps, etc.

Search User on other Social networks

If all the three methods above did not work for you. This is rare but still, you can try something. If there are no social links on their YT channel. Then Go to major social media platforms use the search feature and search for the username.

You can use the YouTube channel name or their name if you find it on their channel. And contact them there. There are some YouTubers who do not fill up contact details on the channel intentionally or unintentionally.

Bonus Tip:- You can search for the YouTuber name or channel name on Google. It will display all the pages and profiles related to that name. It will save you lots of time this way.

P.O. Box

PO box is also a good method to contact them. Just remember this is a paid service. Prices can be expensive if you use international delivery services. Almost all review channel will have their PO box address on their channel. If you want to send them anything then you can also attach a letter along with the package

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If you cannot message anyone on Youtube

If none of these methods worked for you. That means the channel owner does not want to be contacted. Or for some reason want to be anonymous. Some users use youtube for fun’s sake and non-professionally.

So you may skip those users and look out for someone more serious instead. And if there is a copyright issue then just do a copyright strike and ask for a takedown.

Final Thoughts

I hope now you know how to message someone on Youtube. These are all methods you can contact YouTubers according to my knowledge. If there is any other that you know of. Then please let me know in the comment below. If you really like this article and it helped you somehow. Then you can support me by sharing this article on social media platforms.

Peace ✌

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