How to Double Space in a Word?

For academic papers, professional documents or personal writing projects, double spacing is a very useful formatting option.

Changing the spacing between lines helps to make the document more attractive and easier to read. Here's how you can easily double space your text in Microsoft Word.

Benefits of double spacing in word documents

double space

Double-spaced in Word also breaks ideas apart and allows readers to clearly differentiate between different parts of a word document. In school papers, double space in Word can also leave room for instructors' or fellow students' comments. Double spacing on Word gives your work a refined look which is professional. Let's get into Word and format text to add some white spaces between our words.

Step-by-step guide on how to double space in Word:


To double space in Word:

  1. Open the Word document that you want to format.
  2. Highlight text you want to double space or press Ctrl + A for selecting the whole document.
  3. Go to "Home" tab at the top of the screen and find "Line and Paragraph Spacing" button there.
  4. Click on the arrow next to it which will help us open drop-down menu containing different options for line spacing.
  5. From here pick out 2.0; this means that you have given your chosen text or all documents double spacing in Word. You can adjust line spacing by selecting "Line Spacing Options" from drop-down menu and changing settings accordingly.

After finishing with this process save your document in order not lose any changes made previously. This feature will improve readability and professionalism level significantly, so don't ignore its usage while writing something new of yours.

Reasons why academic papers are often written using double space:

White space around lines making them easier for readers who experience difficulties with focusing or eyesight problems while reading long texts with small fonts. Double spacing can help prevent the eyes from becoming fatigued while reading lengthy documents, making it easier for the reader to focus on the presented content.

Furthermore, double spacing in Word provides sufficient room for instructors to put comments and feedback directly on the document without crowding it. This can be especially helpful for students seeking to improve their writing skills and understanding of course material. This is how to double-space a Word document in general.

Contrasting double space with other line spacing options

Double spacing in academic writing facilitates easy reading of the text and allows for annotations as well as feedback. Single spacing can be useful if you have a lot of text that must fit onto one page, but this will make the document seem crowded and hard to read. 1.5 line spacing is between single and double line spacing. Providing some breathing space between lines without occupying as much space as double spacing does. The final choice regarding whether to use double spacing should be based on specific assignment requirements as well as personal preferences of an instructor.

Strategies to Customize Line Spacing Preferences in Word

Another useful tip here involves creating keyboard shortcuts for adjusting the line spacing quickly as per the requirement. It saves time and you can easily switch between various spacing options without having to navigate through menus.

Another helpful trick is to set default spacing preferences for line spacing, font size, and other formatting options to streamline the writing process and ensure consistency across multiple documents. Users can make a document that is more effective and visually attractive by customizing these settings in advance to suit their own needs.


This way, users will be able to enhance their overall experience with Word while working on different document types improving productivity. Customizing spacing preferences and setting default formatting options can streamline the writing process and ensure consistent look of all documents.

Using these features also helps save time spent on making professional-looking papers according to unique personal desires. Being conversant with these hints makes word-formatting more efficient and enjoyable.

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