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What is Discord Slow Mode & How to Use it?

If you are wondering what is a discord slow mode then read along. In this article, I would share its uses and much more. If you own a discord server then it is a very important setting for you. That will really help you in a lot of ways. And if you are a user thinking about why my messages are in wait mode in the discord server. Then it is because of the slow mode.

Discord slow mode

It is a feature that is present in DIscord for slowing down the channel’s user messages. To be specific it is a setting that allows the administrator of the server to limit one message in a specific interval of time. It is an excellent way to stop users from spamming. In other words, you may think of it as a time-out option.

It is a convenient way to assign permissions to every type of user. This restriction will only work for users if you have roles like manage messages, manage the channel, Administrator permission or you are the owners of the server. Then you are exempted from this restriction. So you can use this tool extensively.

This limitation works on every device whether PC, mobile, or Tablet. But you should remember that this is only for individual channels and not the whole server. If you have multiple channels then you have set the slow mode individually.  It is important to have a feature like that. Because some users are crazy and they do not follow the channel rules whatsoever.

Especially the ones promoting stuff or talking irrelevant stuff on the channel. In that case, you can use this setting to tame them.

Well, I agree some users do not deserve to be banned right away. So you can set a limitation to these specific users. And also it is almost mandatory for big servers where users ask questions.

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How do I enable slow mode in discord?

If you want the slow mode activated throughout the channel. This will be the default slow mode for all the users of the channel. You can change settings for specific users or roles later too. This is how can set it up. 

  1. Go to the specific channel.
  2. Look for the setting icon and click it
  3. On the overview page
  4. There will be a Slow mode option
  5. Set the time interval according to your choice.
  6. You can see the message “Slow Mode is enabled”
  7. Done  

Disabling the slow mode is the same process just reverse it what you did to enable it.

How do you enable custom slow mode ?

Setup slow mode for certain roles:

There are many roles inside a channel. It is also good to set the slow mode this way. Just like categorizing them into groups and not by the user. If you want to set up slow mode through roles then follow these steps.

  1. Go to the channel Setting
  2. Click on permission
  3. Then click roles
  4. Add the specific roles
  5. Now the Text permission
  6. And then ON or OFF the slow mode.

Setup slow mode for certain Users:

If you have some users that need to specifically be in the slow mode. Then this is the way to do it. Keep in mind if you own a big channel then it will be tiring to use this feature individually. It will be better to go by the roles. Anyways to get this set up follow the steps below.

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  1. Go to the channel Setting
  2. Click on user permission
  3. From the checkboxes
  4. Choose it as required
  5. That’s it

How do you get out of the limitation?

If you want to get out of the slow mode then you can request the admin about it. But you must understand that the channel has slow mode activated then there is a reason for it. If the admin thinks that they should exempt you then they will probably. Or just get used to the timer and make use of it.

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How to bypass the restriction ?

If you have a server and you want some users to bypass the slow mode. Then you do that by giving them permission to do that. Every user has their own settings on what they can do. You can give them permission by going to the channel permissions by the user. And then check all the permission toggle given to him/her with green. This will exempt them from slow mode.

Every server has few users who should not be giving any restrictions. Then this feature is for them specially. 

Stuck on slow mode? What to do next?

Many discords users have faced some issues with the slow mode. The slow mode timer doesn’t work properly or is stuck at a specific time. Some users have the problem of messages not being sent even after the slow mode is turned off. If you are the admin of the channel then you can try to do few things.

  • Reconnect to internet
  • Login in again
  • Change the slow mode timer to different time intervals.
  • Make sure all the settings are as default or reset them.
  • Ask for support.
  • If it is a bug or something. Then it will be fixed once the developer finds the bug.   

What are Immunities?

It is just like credit points. With higher immunity points you have more capabilities over less immunity ones. When you have good immunity then do actions like mute, move or deafen. But only to the users that have less immunity than you. The adminstrator are setting the immunity for every role. In order to give rights to different members of the server.

Final thoughts 

Finally I hope now you know everything about discord slow mode. This is very handy tool if you ask me. It just relaxes you server from bombarding of messages. If you are going to start you own channel then do use this method. If you have any question regarding this topic then do not forget to drop it down in the comments.


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