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Atom vs Pycharm: Everything You Need to Know

Atom vs Pycharm

In this article, I would like to discuss the differences between atom and pycharm.  If you are a new programmer and you are thinking about choosing which source code editor to use for coding python. Then this article will help you if you are wondering which of these two editors is better for you. So let’s begin to compare atom vs pycharm.


Difference Between Atom and Pycharm

Atom is a free editor which is fully open source and is developed by GitHub. It is available on Mac OS, Linux, and Windows.  Comes with tons of plugins that are written in JavaScript. As developers call it a “hackable text editor for the 21st century”. Additionally, you can fully customize it with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Features of Atom

  1. It is fully customisable  which means you can easily change something if you don’t like it.  And add anything that you require or find missing.
  2. There is an init script to extend coffeescript.  If you are and coffee script programmer then you can play around with this editor.  And extend its features.
  3. You can change the whole look of atom with the help of Stylesheet.  If you know CSS then you can change the visual of the editor. Using different colours, highlights and fonts. There are lots of plugins which can help you do that.
  4. Use different key combinations to run command.  If you are migrating from different editor. Then you can change the key combinations according to your liking. 
  5. You can also wrap up all the functionality to a single package.  This is an advanced feature if you want to save your functionalities and create a single package. Then you can do it.
  6. Atom supports Syntax highlighting by default. Many source editors do not have this feature by default. You require a third party plugin. 
  7. Additionally, it enables users to install third party plugins and themes. There is a large library of plugins and themes that are supported by atom. And it’s constantly being developed.


Atom and Pycharm Difference

It is an integrated development environment IDE and specially built for Python language. Developed by a Czech company JetBrains.  It comes for or Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

There are two editions one is the community edition which is free to use.  The Other version is the Professional edition for which you have to pay to use and there is a trial version as well. 

Features of pycharm

  1. It provides code analysis, code autocomplete, Syntax and error highlight. It also assist with quick fixes of the code. Basically it helps you write code more efficiently.
  2. It comes with  a graphical debugger which helps you remove bugs from your code without any hassle. Using the integrated Python debugger.
  3. Integrated with version control system like git .So you can work with version control using the pycharm editor easily.
  4. It supports web development with Django and data science with Anaconda. If you are working with these applications then, pycharm is the editor for you.
  5. Just like atom it also has a huge plugin library with more than thousand plugins. Backed up by the  Python community.
  6. It comes with Google App Engine to build Python application. But only available in the professional version which is not for free.
  7. Easy code navigation so you can navigate to different parts of the code more swiftly. It really comes handy when you have bigger source files
  8. It supports variety of web frameworks such as flask, Django, fastAPI,  Tornado, web2py, etc.

Difference Between Pycharm and atom

Setup and Installation

Both editors require the same type of setup pretty much. No need for any advanced requirements, just follow the python documentation. And download python on your PC or Mac. You can add some python extensions and plugins in atom.

Learning Curve

If you are new to programing then it might take some time to learn about both of these editors. Still, you can start using atom right away. Pycharm has lots of features, so you might need some time to know about the IDE in depth.

Price point

Atom is fully free and you don’t have to pay anything to use it. But pycharm on the other hand does not have all the features in the free version. You have to pay extra for those additional features.

Verdict: What to choose Atom vs Pycharm?

Atom Vs Pycharm Survey
Atom VS Pycharm

Pycharm was voted the most used IDE for Python programming.  According to the Python developer survey of 2020.  And very few voted for atom.  This means developers prefer pycharm over atom for development. 

When it comes to comparing both of these applications. Then you must remember one of the measure text editors and the other is an IDE.  Developed for different purposes so when it comes to which is better than the other. 

Then the answer will be both of them are good in their own right.  But if you are a python programmer then pycharm will be more beneficial for you.  Because pycharm was built for programming python. So IDE will always be better than editors.

On the other hand, atom is like an advanced general-purpose programming language editor.  For any language such as C,  C++,  Java, JavaScript,  HTML,  CSS, etc. 

Which does not mean you cannot use an atom for python.  But you get more features in pycharm.  But I would not recommend  IDE  for beginners for any language.  

You must use an editor like atom to learn any language.  Once you are a little advanced then you can migrate into Pycharm. IDE is a little complex than editors. 

Final Thoughts

I hope you like this article about Atom vs Pycharm. Both of these are good editors. And they are very popular nowadays.  It’s all about preference which one you like the most. One important factor to consider here is if you need an editor for multiple languages then Pycharm may not be the best option for you. Because Pycharm supports only a few languages. For example, C/C++ is not supported in pycharm. In that case, Atom will be the best option for you.

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