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What is Dinorank SEO Suite? Full Overview

A few weeks ago, talking with Dean Romero about our common projects, he surprised me with one of his latest crazy ideas: Launch an SEO suiteDinorank. He sent me a few captures on WhatsApp and told me that he had to try it and that it was the best. With that motivating enthusiasm that characterizes him

At first, I was shocked because I didn't understand how an initiative like that could be carried out by himself. But I know that he knows how to surround himself with a great team and trust good professionals for his projects. And as soon as I started to see the screenshots of some of his graphics, I was already biting my nails thinking about trying it. That moment has arrived. After some first tests to give feedback to the development team and after the barrage of people crashing the server as soon as it was launched, it is time to see it in full operation.

What is Dinorank?

Let's go in parts. Dinorank is an SEO tool that unifies the maximum possible number of functionalities to improve your organic positioning at a very affordable price.

So that anyone who has an online project or who is just starting out in the world of SEO can play with the functions of the biggest ones. Position tracking, Onsite Audit, Semantic Prominence, etc. Those functions that only the leaders of the SEO market offer you at a price of about 100 euros per month, at least. That is, if you pay, you do not buy more than one or you pay for several modules.

In the case of Dinorank, Dean has the crazy idea of ​​democratizing SEO. That his entire community can access trademark registration in usa functionalities for a very, very affordable price. For €19.90 per month, you have everything. And of course earning a few euros along the way, when its use begins to spread, which is not about being an NGO.

Dinorank Unboxing

First of all, I am going to give you a short introduction to the tool. Dinorank's super intuitive interface and the functions they offer. To later explain the functions that seem most relevant to me in detail.

Internal PageRank

This feature helps you discover the importance of each page on your site to crawling robots. Any program that crawls your site will find a series of links, which according to the PageRank formula used by Dinorank, will have a certain importance and will transfer a certain strength to the rest of the pages.

A page receives a certain amount of PageRank based on the links received and the PageRank that these links transmit to it in turn (recursion).

You can see the formula used at

Note that each page is scanned for links and the pages within those links are also scanned recursively. Furthermore, if the depth level (clicks to the home page) is very high, it will be more difficult for these pages to be crawled.

Internal linking

The internal linking function is used to see the web architecture, and how the pages of your website are interrelated. You can select one from the table below and you will see in the graph where it is compared to the rest of the URLs.

Semantic salience

This function tells you the weight that some words have with respect to the rest in a certain text. These is the words that are most frequently used by competitors to rank a specific keyword. It helps you optimize the so-called semantic latency.

Depending on the frequency of appearance and its relevance with respect to the rest of the words in the document, its use will be more important. You can use the filters to see one-, two-, and even three-word terms.

While it is true that, for audits, position tracking, or keyword analysis, I could continue to rely on SEMrush, I cannot say the same for this function. Where all-in-1 SEO tools generally limp the most. SEMrush's SEO Content Template in semantic prominence has nothing to offer compared to this new tool. Which also directly gives you the recommendations to make with your content.

Dinorank brings the best of SEOLyze, whose price is at least €39.90. With Dino you don't have to pay for 2 tools, you have everything in 1 at a much more affordable price.

Thin content detection

Another thing I like the most about Dinorank is the thin content detection part. Because few SEO tools tell you about the pages on your site that are not really relevant in the rankings.

As you can see, it is nothing more than crossing the Google Analytics data with that of the Search Console and seeing which ones are not bringing traffic despite being tracked by Google. But it's super useful because it helps you figure out which pages are possibly left over on your site, to avoid wasting your crawl budget.


Also super interesting: which pages on your website are competing with each other for the same keywords? Pages that rank for the same keywords could have a much better position if they got rid of their sister URL that is nudging them.

With Dinorank, you find these cannibalizations and you will also find the tips to solve it. As you see in the video, this functionality is the best.

Internal linking management

In order to obtain statistics on the link-building work you are doing. Very useful so that you not only have a history of the links you are placing but also statistics to know if you are following the appropriate strategy. If you are forcing a lot of anchor text if you have a low proportion of Do follow links...


That's it for Dinorank's analysis. After which I can say that I was pleasantly surprised by how really clever and practical this tool is for optimizing your site for SEO.

It is true that there is still a long way to go. Functions to include, such as performing a keyword analysis from which any SEO strategy is based. I know it will arrive soon.

But if you are looking for an all-in-1 SEO tool to improve the organic positioning strategy that you are already carrying out on your site, at an affordable price, I recommend it 100%. If you compare the price of SEOlyze or the price of Sistrix, for a small group of functionalities, with the price of Dinorank, for a much broader group that in turn includes those of these, there is no color.

The truth is that with how much I liked the tool, I would have liked to participate in the Blogger3cero contest, Dinorank moves you and Enlazalia links you. Just for the pleasure of having this analysis competing for the top positions even if it were only for "Dinorank". But it has been impossible for me to prepare something halfway decent to compete with the stars that are competing. Good luck to everyone!

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