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Blogging Platforms to start your blog

platforms for blogging

So you want to start a blog, then this article is for you. Blogging is must required for any business online. Nowadays there loads of blogging platforms which is good. And which is making it even harder to choose from. Ask yourself what are your goals with blogging.

Whether it is passion or profession but make sure to think in long terms.Plan before getting into any platforms. Say if you want to use an e-commerce along your blog. Then choose the best options according to your requirements.

There of some important factors which has to kept in mind. For example, User interface, Support, Backups, Security threats etc. You can start off by reading reviews about them and research more info.

When you think of blogging some names automatically comes in your mind like blogger, wordpress etc. But it is more important to know about the other blogging platform as well before actually using one.

The two Categories of Blogging Platforms:

Free Platforms:


  • No cost free to use
  • Simple and user friendly
  • Sites are protected and backup is easy


  • Only Sub domains Url
  • No or Less themes customization
  • Limited space, features and Addons
Self-Hosted Platforms:


  • Top level Domains
  • Premium features
  • Better monetization


  • Not so user friendly
  • Responsibility for backups
  • Can be expensive

Why Choosing the right blogging platform is important?

Most folks like to do what majority of folks do. It shouldn’t be the case when you are choosing blogging platform. You have to select the one which meets your business requirements and needs. It is important to know about all the pros and cons of the platform. So that it wont be a problem later on.

This way its is good for you to start .There are many blogging platforms some are very good while some are not so good. So you should go with the best one, here i have listed the best blogging platforms.

List of Platforms:


wordpressorg snapshot

It is the best platform for majority bloggers. They have the biggest community and support system. It requires no technical knowledge or skills even a beginner can use it. WordPress is a free software thats comes with thousands of  free themes and widgets

Most of the popular blogs are running on wordpress. WordPress works best in terms of flexibility. Almost all blogging influencers recommend wordpress for blogging. But first you have to register a web domain name and get a web hosting .


  • Custom Domain Chosen by you
  • Good for monetization, SEO friendly
  • Lots of free themes, plugins and widget


  • Speed can be a issue
  • Regular updates for themes, plugins and wordpress cms
  •  Slight configuration complexity


blogger snapshot

A free blog-hosting site provided by google. Its a unique blog service that allows multi user blogs. More popular in terms of users because it was one of the oldest. It provides great service and have high performance SEO.

Setting up a blogger blog is hassle-free process. Monetization is integrated with adsense with a piece of code. It has a good analytical dashboard. It are looking for a simple blog then it may be the right one.


  • Free of cost
  • Simple Interface, user friendly
  • Good Security and backups


  • Less features
  • Not professional enough
  • Only subdomains with Blogspot.com


wodpresscom snapshot

It is a free blog-hosting site with similar features of .org. You get a free domain like your-blog.wordpress.com. It just like blogger.com but slightly different. It has more designed themes and built-in plugins.

Millions of posts are being written in this platform everyday. It would a best pick for those who just want to blog. And not think of genetrating any sort of revenue from it. Overall having a great blogging performance.


  • Free to use
  • Automatic Updates and backups
  • Upgrade options available


  • Only Subdomain available
  • Limitation of customization of themes and plugins
  • Less monetization


tumblr snapshot

Another great blogging platform which is different among the others. As its more known for microblogging. It has a growing social community for every type of content. Tumblr has the potential to be used as a full fledged blogging platform.

It comes with fancy themes and layout, which are free to use . Well it also have 3rd party options. Easy to use and great to share with other social network platforms . For custom domain names you pay tumblr to get your own domain.


  • Community engagement
  • Topic Oriented
  • Monetizations available


  • Interface not so user friendly
  • Mostly teenage user demographically
  • Limited themes


hubpages snapshot

It first started from a article network turned into a blogging community. Where you can write article about any topic like sports, cars,  and so on. Many articles are posted in hubpages and today it has over million of articles and guides .

You can find any type of articles in hubpages. It is more like a social networking site works on user generating contents. However it is unique from all other self hosted platforms.


  • Free with subdomain
  • Simplicity
  • Monetization through ads, affiliates


  • Less control
  • High commission rates
  • Limitation on customization


squarespace snapshot

It is a great platform if you are looking for paid blogging paltforms.  Creating websites and blogs on sqaurespace is a no brainer. You will be amazed by its cascading style sheet features.

Customizing the entire site doesnt require any programming skills. Just few lines can do the job. There are many pre built themes you can choose from. There are different subscription plans and has a free trail option as well.


  • Great tech support
  • Easy to use, award wining designs
  • Stable and auto updated


  • Limitation on Customization
  • SEO is challenging
  • Less advanced features


wix snapshot

Its is one of the very first online website builders. Which runs on full blown HTML5. It has a great feature of drag and drop to jump start a customized blog. There are many templates and varieties of third party applications.

You can create your blog easily with thier tools and designs. Wix hosts your blog on thier servers. Only way you can access your blog is through wix admin panel. Still you have some control over your blog.


  • Free and premium plan
  • Great designs
  • Good support team


  • Limitaion on SEO
  • Wix ads
  • Less customized designs


Medium snapshot

It is a content publishing platform which is free to use. But you have to upgrade to premium for more features. Medium is not a blog platform but a content platform. Acts as a social media network for bloggers all around the globe.

Many a times it is regarded as a blog host. It is go to platform if you want be discovered as an individual or business. For some niches is very popular used. So it is good platform for such contents.


  • Import Content easily
  • Targeted Audience
  • Increase Social following


  • Subscription
  • No Monetization
  • No API integration