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How to Connect Spotify to Facebook on PC and Mobile? 

Spotify is arguably one of the world’s favorite music applications. The downloads and number of streams offer enough evidence for the claim. Like other popular apps, Spotify understands your preferences to push music that likely matches your music taste. But do you know you can also check your Facebook friend’s music tastes and activity on the platform?  

This feature can come in handy when you like a friend’s music taste. It can help you listen to your friends’ favorite bangers on the go with Spectrum Mobile or some other mobile network. However, the feature is about to come out on mobile devices, and it first came out on the desktop app. In this blog, you can see how to connect Spotify with Facebook and other apps.  

Your Friend’s Activity on Spotify   

Viewing your friend’s activity on Spotify is an underrated and under-discovered gem of a feature. There are features on Spotify that help you create a kind of music taste profile. You can connect it to dating platforms like Tinder and connect with it with your Facebook too. This way, you can better display your music preference and hang out with people with similar music tastes. Or maybe discover new genres thanks to them.   

Some of you may prefer taking music with them everywhere on the phone, while others may prefer listening on the desktop. So, it is best to explain the process of connecting to Facebook in either case. You can take a similar approach to connect other apps to Spotify.   

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Connecting Spotify Mobile App to Facebook  

The process of connecting to Spotify on mobile won’t take longer than the duration of a song. So, getting your headphones and vibe to your favorite music while vibing to your favorite song is advisable.   

Here are the steps you need to follow:   

  1. Open Spotify on your Windows or Mac PC.   
  2. Select your profile icon from the top right corner and click on the Settings option from the drop-down menu.   
  3. Find the “Connect to Facebook” option in the Settings menu. Select the option.   
  4. Insert your login credentials to connect to continue.   

Connecting Spotify Desktop App to Facebook  

It’s almost the same process on mobile devices too. The good thing is that the process is the same on Android and iPhones. So, no worries there at all. You know the drill (get your favorite song on) and take the following steps:   

  1. Open Spotify on the mobile application.   
  2. Press the Settings option (gear icon) in the top right corner.   
  3. Tap the Social option from the Settings menu.   
  4. Click on the “Connect to Facebook” option.   
  5. Type in your Facebook login credentials and allow.   

This way, you can connect your Spotify to Facebook instantly.   

Options to View Friends’ Activity   

Once your Facebook is connected to Spotify, go back to the Settings option (PC) and choose “Display Options.” There is a “see what my friends are listening to” choice. Enable it from the menu. Turning it on will get you the friend activity sidebar on the right. Afterward, you can see your friends’ streaming activities. You can follow friends with good music taste on Spotify.  

To make the best use of the feature, you may also want to share your unique music taste with your friends. It is super easy. Go to the Settings option and toggle to “Share my listening activity on Spotify.” This way, your friends can see what you are listening to too. You might get some Spotify followers who like the same music as you. Also, you can check the listening activity of the friends who have allowed this feature.   

When you allow the option of making your listening open to view, and your friends do, your listening experience can get far better. Based on your music taste, you can make Spotify friends. Click on the “add friend” icon on the friend activity sidebar. You will become in-app friends with this simple step. Lastly, you have the option to find your friends on Spotify too. Head again to the Settings icon and choose the “view profile” option. Click on the three dots icon and select find friends. Add all or add the ones you want from there.  

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Checking your friends’ music on Spotify is quite simple. Connect your Facebook to Spotify and explore the options of sharing your activities and seeing your friends. It may sound a bit overwhelming from this blog, but it is straightforward once you get into the Settings menu.   

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