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How to get clients for web Development projects and services

Getting clients for web development projects and services is getting tricky nowadays. because the web development industry has evolved in every aspect. It’s getting very competitive for web development companies and freelancers out there.

For established web development agencies getting clients is pretty easy. But for the businesses which are new within the marketplace. They are going to have a tough time getting their first client. It’s always frustrating to get that very first client and from there it gets easier.

Still there are few steps which will definitely assist you to get started . Even if you’ve been working with some clients and now you do not get offers any longer.

If you’re figuring out “how to get web development projects or how to get web design clients”. Then keep on reading.

In this article I have laid out ten steps or tips which will help you with getting clients. This content is curated both for web development services companies and freelancers.


10 Tips to get clients for web development projects:-

1.Understand what to offer

Web development services

Beforehand make an inventory of products and services that you simply shall offer. Either you’ll research what’s in demand or stick with your own set deliverable. alongside finalizing your list of services. Make your own catalogue of web development services. Also fix your pricing and time duration for every project.

If you are just starting then you would possibly start from doing something basic. This manner you build clients list the straightforward way. After you’ve done the fundamentals stuff you can move into advanced complex projects.

2.Use Niche or Micro-Niche

The best practice is going to be to narrow it right down to a selected category or niche. Start to figure around a selected sort of niche like Automobile or Medical. Clients often ask questions like “Have you ever worked on this sort of web development project before?”.

So if you’ve got a portfolio build around a selected niche or micro-niche. Like web development in wordpress. Then clients from those industries are presumably to believe you. Because you’ve already provided services relevant to those industries.

3.Open Source projects

It shouldn’t be about the money always. Sometimes it’s about helping others within the community. There are many benefits of contributing to open source projects. 

Open source projects help you build a sustainable career. And it also gives you a competitive edge among others within the industry. Other benefits are code re-usability, and improved industry standards.

4.Cross Referral

Web development projects

Build a robust relationship with others such as you . Interact with them, not for work purposes. Sometimes companies have an excessive amount of work to finish in a certain period of time . Therein case they could want to outsource it to you.

And the same goes for you, you’ll also do an equivalent . The client doesn’t even have to know this. Even big corporations also do that all the time. By this manner you build an honest connection among your peers.

5.Direct Reach out

Reach out for potential clients directly. There are many customers who need to improve on their websites and mobile applications. If you see any error or any room for improvements then you contact them.

Lookout for all local businesses in your area who don’t have an internet presence. Send them a proposal on how you’ll help them in their business. It’s important to use business listing websites and yellow pages like craigslist etc.

6.Demand Less Give More

This has been a reason for not getting more clients for several companies. Initially you shouldn’t think about getting rich on a few projects. First your focus should only be on providing services.

When I say demand less and provides more meaning about the pricing of your services. Which should be less comparatively to others. You ought to be eager enough to supply them with more and ask less. Give them compelling offers and schemes for your services.

7.Repetitive Clients

Once you get your first client then confirm you retain an extended relationship with them. A good approach would be performing tasks on ongoing projects. Make sure your clients prefer you all the time, when they need support or want new projects done.

The key to getting a more repeated hiring rate is to provide satisfaction. If clients aren’t satisfied then that’s not good for your overall reputation. If you’re unsure about completing projects or giving solutions then never accept the offer in the first place.


Join marketplaces where you’ll find clients from everywhere . If you’re a team then one member can use this platform to find clients. Although these marketplaces are overcrowded, there are still many possibilities.

There are many marketplaces out there. You do not need to use all of them but the top ten ones. This marketplaces also enables you to sell customized services that you simply can provide directly.  Such websites are good for micro-services also like Fiverr and Upwork.


Web dev

This is the most important tip you should be doing. Use targeted social media platforms to reach your customers. Create a blog and publish content like – web development tutorials/web development how to’s. Also write about web development trends as they are engaging

It’s mandatory to build a portfolio online. Listing the web development technologies you have expertise in. So it’s easy for clients to make a decision about what to expect.

There are many websites where you need to showcase your work.  Commit to use platforms like Pinterest to show off your work. By this manner you gain more exposure and more leads also . Some great examples of this website would be dribble and behance.


I had to list this finally. Advertisement  is very beneficial for getting more clients. If you have a budget then start advertising campaigns in different platforms. Advertisement can get you the maximum exposure possible.

It is optional if you are just new in the industry. After you get a few clients then you can plan your campaigns and keep a budget for the same.

Final words:-

These are just the few tips to get you going. If you haven’t already worked on any projects yet. Then build some web development projects for practice. By doing all this mentioned above you’ll definitely start getting clients. And in the process of doing so you will definitely come up with a strategy that works for you. I hope it helped you, if I missed something then write within the comments.