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eCommerce Facebook Ads Funnel | A Comprehensive Guide!

Facebook ad funneling has proven to be one of the finest and most efficient marketing tools or strategies behind the success of an e-commerce Brand. It helps increase ROI (return on investment) and generate fresh leads. Turning strangers into potential paying customers can be attained by designing a sequence of ad campaigns or eCommerce Facebook Ads Funnel.

What is the eCommerce Facebook Ads funnel?

Although technical terms, the Facebook ads funnel is a series of campaigns with multiple ads delivered to the right audience.

As we all know, Facebook has proven to be one of the very few marketing channels that allow you to build a full-fledged strategy for your e-commerce brand. However, numerous inexperienced marketers try the Facebook Ads funnel and leave it after some time. Simply due to less conversation rate. After all, it is a fact that most users are not ready to try your brand after witnessing one of your ads. 

To overcome such hurdles and take your e-commerce brand towards success, you need to understand Facebook Ads Funneling's 3 + 1 stages. 

  1. Awareness (Top of the Funnel)
  2. Consideration (Middle of the Funnel)
  3. Conversation (Bottom of the Funnel)
  4. Post-Purchase

Categorically following these stages, one can move new users from one step until they are loyal customers of your e-commerce brand. You witness increased sales, conversion rates, and even saved funds on advertisements as you implement Facebook Ads Funnel. You understand that without Facebook Funneling for your e-commerce products, you will lose money on pitching your brand to cold audiences. 

Build a Facebook Ads Funnel for Ecommerce Brand?

Understandably, new e-commerce brands go straight for sales, but that is not how it works. While sales are the ultimate goal, you have not just to Optimize Facebook Ad Creative but also to provide an efficient user experience at every stage of a buyer's journey to reach there. 

Numerous e-commerce brands struggle to create a perfect Facebook Ads funnel. Building an efficient Ads Funnel for your brand starts with attracting cold customers. Along with efficient work at every stage of Ads Funneling that warms up those complex customers till they are loyal promoters of your e-commerce brand. The process of Facebook Ads Funneling goes from choosing the right campaign objective to selecting the right audience.

The success of your e-commerce brand will depend on your unique understanding of these four stages of Facebook Ads Funneling,

STAGE 1: Top of the Funnel (Conversion of Strangers to prospects)

At the top of the funnel or the awareness, the stage is attracting new audiences to your e-commerce brand; at this stage, the audience is entirely unknown to your brand's products. Hence, your products' exceptional quality and service warm up the cold customers. Keeping the sales conversion aside and focusing on advocating the audience why the user needs your brand's products will slowly create goodwill for your brand. 

As you know, there are two types of Facebook audiences, saved and lookalike audiences. In terms of prospecting, a saved audience is more efficient as it allows you to target an audience based on the interests, demographics, behavior, etc. On the other hand, you can also use Lookalike Audiences for the Awareness stage. 

To take your e-commerce brand towards success, you need to determine your campaign objectives. A well-synchronized combination of goals and audience goals will lay the groundwork for successful sales conversion. These cold audiences are strangers to your brand, and trying to turn them towards sales directly drives them away. Any action that is not derived is perfect for attracting Cold Audiences. 

STAGE 2: Middle of the Funnel (Turning prospects into Leads)

At the middle of the funnel, the end goal is to turn prospects into leads and utilize their contact information to nurture these audiences to contribute to your e-commerce brand's success. 

Now comes the role of an optimally designed website, where the potential prospects get exposed and leave their contact information. 

Later, you can use this information to convert these audiences into sales and slowly turn them into loyal customers of your e-commerce products. A delightful treat for brand owners is launching a new Lead Generation Objective that lets users fill a form directly from your Advertisement. 

At this stage of the Facebook Ads funnel, prospects are already exposed to your products. 

So, you can use the two types of Ad formats that have proven to be optimal in this consideration Stage. Hence, Image Ads and Carousel Ads are perfect for keeping your campaign simple yet effective in delivering an optimal message to the right audience and at the right time. 

As an e-commerce merchant, you can invite users to your product page by using the 'Shop Now' CTA(call to action) button, which takes the users to a pop-up form. All you have to do is, offer these prospects something unique from what you would provide to your cold audiences. Finally, you have to highlight social proof, risk factors, etc. 

STAGE 3: Bottom of the Funnel (Turning Leads into Customers)

Finally, it is time to bring back your dedication to converting leads into customers. Let us go through a flashback where you have already introduced your brand and have taken users' interest in the trust factor. Now is the time to communicate your proposition so that these leads are slowly becoming your brand's customers and loyal promoters. 

The conversion stage is for your generated leads to buy your products and services. Hence, the need for e-commerce merchants to access your targeted audience to boost your sales. Merchants should increase conversion rates, store traffic, and catalog sales. 

At this stage, where your target audience is almost keen on buying your products. Make sure to monitor your CAC(customer acquisition rate), revenue, and conversion performance. 

After all, the objective of catalog sales helps your campaign with the bombardment of e-commerce sales. When it comes to merchants who own physical stores. Store visits are an optimal objective to increase foot traffic to your store. Eventually, merchants can turn over that foot traffic to your e-commerce brand. 

Along with Image and Carousel ads. DPA (dynamic product ads) are the kind of ads designed for showcasing the right products to the right audience who have shown interest in your e-commerce brand.

We are sure that you know that sales conversions are just the beginning of a new relationship with potential long-term customers. 

STAGE 4: Post-Purchase (Increased Customer Lifetime Value)

The fact is that the best customers you will ever have are the ones you already have. Make sure not to neglect existing customers to gain new customers. After all, that is how to increase your CLV, generating brand new referrals through word-of-mouth. The phase of post-purchasing works on the end goal of word-of-mouth promotion and repeat purchases. 

Practically speaking, it is much cheaper and easy to turn existing customers into permanent clients for your e-commerce brand in terms of cost-effectiveness. Repetitive customers lead to a better CLV - CAC ratio, determining which customers are more profitable. 

Then comes the vital role of social media, utilized by loyal customers, which lightens your burden of brand promotion. After all, the most critical tactic of Post-purchasing is to target your customers when their products are about to run out. To do that, merchants need to know their audience to access their usage and develop new products.

Lastly, the knowledge of efficiently moving customers from one stage to another is the way to the success of your e-commerce brand. Merchants need to know and have different strategies for every step of Facebook Ads Funneling. After all, your existing customers already know you well and trust your products. And can further promote your brand's successful endeavors. 

Bottom Line

We are sure that by now, you have a clear idea that eCommerce Facebook Ads Funnel is a framework of various stages. That helps you walk with your potential customer in their journey toward becoming long-term-based purchasers. These stages include discovery, consideration, and conversion, and each step requires a unique strategy to work flawlessly and efficiently. 

Hence, when it comes to Facebook Ads funneling for your e-commerce brand. You need to understand that there are no shortcuts to converting prospects into loyal customers.

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