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How to earn money from blogging

Earn money

Is it possible to earn money from blogging? The answer to this question is of course yes. This is a trending topic going around many people’s heads. Well, it takes consistency, patience, and hard work. It eventually gets easier when you get used to it. Many guys turned out millionaires by blogging with being on autopilot.

It really depends on how serious you are with blogging. If you are willing to make it your full-time profession. Then obviously you have to put more time into it. Earning from blogging is directly proportional to your efforts. More work you put into it the more money you make.

For some blogging is a part-time job. For those, you can also make a substantial amount of money. If you monetize your blog with profitable methods. Is just that simple and you don’t have to quit your daily job.

So anyways i have found out some of the best ways to make money from a blog.

The top 10 ways to earn money from blogging.

1. CPM Ads

CPM(Cost per Mile) is a type of ad that pays per thousand impressions. CPM ads are used along with CPC ads. CPM ads can be placed anywhere on the webpage. When the ad is inside the viewport of the screen it counts as an impression.

CPM rates can be low as $0.10 per thousand impressions depending upon the traffic region. Some might say it is not so profitable. But if a blog is having constant traffic. Then these ads have the potential to earn a lot of money. A few of the popular CPM ad Networks are AdBrite and ValueClick Media.

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2. PPC Ad network

Sign up with PPC (pay-per-click) networks and paste some code on your website. The network will then serve contextual ads (either text or images) relevant to the content on your website, and you will earn a certain amount of money for every click your visitors make.

After Adsense this ad network is most popular it pays a little less than Adsense do, but still they get you a good amount of money when you have a large audience or traffic in your blogs or website also depending and also depending on the no. of clicks you get I every adds banners, so its on you how you get maximum chances of add click by your traffic.

3. Affiliate programs

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing where you promote other company’s product or services. You have put an affiliate link in your blog or website in the form of text or image. When the visitor clicks your affiliate links and makes a purchase you get a commission.

There are many websites that allow for an affiliate program, which really pays good bucks. Apart from that they also have many different schemes like link exchange etc. Find the best one out there which suits your content on your website.

4. CPA ads

CPA ads pay per action. They are the highest paying ads. However, viewers don’t just need to click on them, but they actually have to do something, either sign up/register or make a purchase. How likely your visitors will click on the ad and perform the desired action will depend very much on how relevant the ad is to your content.

It’s a very good affiliate program paying a good rate of money, just place their ads or promote any of their products like car, phone anything which is a very popular and trendy eye-catcher. And if a person goes from your link to their shop and does some shopping then you get some commission, what if a person goes from your link and buys a car. You get gift money.

5. Email Marketing

It is a strategy in which you need to build an email list of your subscriber and visitors. Once you have built an email list. You may promote products and services which convert into leads or sales. By this method, you can also promote affiliate links of different merchants.

An email list can make you a lot of money if the right strategy is applied. But on the plus side, it also helps create brand awareness. And also luring your visitors to come back to your blog again and again. It’s a very efficient method to build blog traffic.

6. Reviews

When you have a number of readers. You can start to write honest reviews about products or services. Before doing so you have to start thinking like an influencer. As your reader thinks about you as an influencer. By writing a review of the products or services.

In a nutshell, a company will pay you a few bucks. Just to review their products and service. It doesn’t mean you have literally bought their products. These companies will provide you with a complimentary service for reviewing their product or service in your blog. The best example of this type of website is Getreviewed.

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7. Selling Services

Selling services is another simple way to earn money from blogging. If you are already selling services online on any other platforms such as Fiverr etc. Then just bring it over to your blog and you’re done.

If you don’t sell services currently then you start by selling one. It doesn’t have to be something fancy or unique. Whatever services that you can provide online go for it. Understand your demographics needs that way you can earn more.

8. Sponsored Posts

By the name itself, you get the gist. You have to post an article which is sponsored by companies and agencies. Sponsored posts work in two ways. One is the post that is written by the advertisers. And the other one is written by you.

You can seek companies for writing sponsored posts. By visiting different blogs and forums of your specific niche. Advertisers can pay up to $100 depending upon niche and blog traffic. You can also sign up for marketplaces as linkhouse.

9. Selling Adspace

Selling ad space on your blog is as easy as it sounds. Once your website is getting substantial traffic, you can start selling or renting ad space on your blog. There are tons of companies that provide you content-targeted ads.

You are in full control of the ads that appear on your site. Unlike the PPC and CPC ad networks. You can put your own price on the ad space. As mentioned above you can look out for advertisers or used third parties such as Buysellads.

10. Direct sales

Direct selling is a type of business that is using two ways. One is the single level marketing in which the seller sells products from a parent company and earns a commission. The other is multi-level marketing in which the seller sells and also promotes other direct sellers.

It is a very personal type of selling which encompasses a variety of business. It is a very successful method for social media influencers. Most direct sales are made nowadays from social media. It also depends upon the niche.

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