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7 Principles to make a corporate design logo or brand identity

So you want to make a corporate design. Then this article is especially for you. If you are a beginner or intermediate in logo designing.

Logo designing is part of graphic design. That is used to promote brands and for public identification.

It is a complex process that consists of brainstorming and conceptualizing. Every logo is made for a purpose.

Behind every successful business, there is a great logo. Like every piece of art logo design also take time and patience.

The Four stages of logo designing;

Stages of creative logo design


The most crucial stage of any design is research. It involves looking out for logo ideas from different design-centric websites, For example, Behance or dribble.

Research takes generally takes a lot of time. Depending upon the brand or visual identity. Basically its all about the idea to jump-start a concept. It is also important to research the industry and audience.


Design involves various steps within itself such as concepts, sketches, wire-framing etc. A creative logo design uses multiple conceptualizations. At least three or four can be used to start the process.

Skills play a very important role in designing. Using the right tools and standards are a must. At the same time not doing so much to lose the visual appeal.


After the design is completed. Then it is the time to test the logo on different platforms. And making different variations of the same logo design. Testing with different image file formats.

Testing is to ensure the longevity of the design. All the elements of the design need to be tested such as color schemes, shapes, fonts and layouts.


And at last, time to showcase your creativity. Making a responsive design to perform best in all platforms. And with two color schemes most probably colorful and black and white.

Tips for a creative logo design?

Simple yet effective

The idea behind creating distinctive designs is to keep it simple. Some logos are overdone, too much designing is a no-no.

The effectiveness needs to be there. For the people to remember it forever. There should be a balance in the design for creating an eye-catching logo.


Making unique logos means making an original design. Logos should be unique in some way or the other. Its good to get inspired by other designers but never copy their logos.

All logos are created in a unique way. A Logo is a visual art that tells a story. Make sure your logos are telling one.


Another important key factor in logo designing. Type, fonts and typefaces they are half of the logos. Some logos are only based on typography itself.

It is never an easy task to match the right font for logos. Best practices are to compare between two or three fonts and choose a final one.


Rinse revise repeat again until satisfied with your logos. Like we use to do when we were kids. More revision implies to more perfection.

As it is said that ” A great design is the one, which has no room for improvements”.

White space

Whitespace is necessary for any logos. It gives the design the appeal for human eyes. It makes it easier to understand and reorganize.

On the other hand, whitespace can be used to create different hidden meaning. Many big brands used this technique to create an illusion.


Shapes should be restricted to just geometric shapes. You should never fear to think outside the box.

This is where creativity comes into play. This clearly tells about the versatility of the logo designer.


Choosing the right color makes the design pop. Every industry has specific color that goes perfectly with the design.

So make sure to go with the pallet that is suiting the business needs. Two-color or three- color pallets are good to go.


I hope you get an idea about how to create a corporate design. Make sure to drop a comment if you like it. Peace✌