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4 Best Content Writing Tools for Better SERP

In the contemporary age of advanced technology and digitalization, every webmaster, blogger, and businessman aspires to his content's better SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

Content writing is a sure way to enhance your brand reputation. Businesses can achieve the expected goals and purposes. By creating relevant, focused, and appealing content for existing and potential customers.

It's hard to deny the importance of content writing in the modern age. The carefully done, well-researched, unique, and engaging content positively impacts the readers. State-of-the-art content holds answers to their problems and inspires them to make informed decisions.

Content writing is a king in the digital medium. From home décor to farming and diverse businesses to technology, and legal forms. Content is an indispensable source of marketing your business.

So better, SERP of the content is the dream of every entrepreneur. For this purpose, specific content writing tools will help you. Stay in touch to learn about their exceptional features and working criteria.

List of Best Content Writing Tools:

1. Plagiarism Checker

As the name indicates, this online tool detects plagiarism in your content and makes it unique, up to the mark, and converting. It's a trusted friend of bloggers, webmasters, content writers, and even students.

It offers free plagiarism checking of 1000 words even when you are not registered. This tool has won the trust of many content writers as it presents 100% accurate results.

It can also identify various types of plagiarism, such as patchworks, incremental, and accidental plagiarism. Users can easily use this tool to copy-paste their text in the inbox or upload a file.

You can even paste the URL in the inbox before clicking the "Check Plagiarism" button. It allows you to find any duplicate content in your written pieces in the form of Google Chrome Extension.

Not only that, it explores plagiarism in your works, but it also gives an option to click on the 'Make it Unique' button. This plagiarism checker also carries a reliable paraphrasing tool. That would rephrase the plagiarized content in your work and turn it into something unique and impressive.

Also, it can work in different languages such as Dutch, Spanish, and French. With this online plagiarism identifying tool. You can check plagiarism in your assignments, thesis, articles, and blogs anywhere and anytime by downloading it on your mobile phone.

Do you know that this plagiarism checker goes through every Sentence and presents 100% accurate results?
Remember, it is equally suitable for students, teachers, researchers, content writers, and bloggers. Have the bulk of content to check for plagiarism? Please try this 100% free plagiarism detector!

2. Paraphrasing Tool

Content writing is a proven way to target your audience, generate leads, perform SEO, and develop a human identity. Through content writing, you carry out SEO and bring your business into the digital sphere. There may be hundreds to thousands of brands working on a similar niche.

So, there are chances of similarity in the content, however deep researches you made for the content. Under such a situation, it becomes essential for you to consult a rephrase tool.

It paraphrases the plagiarized content by replacing words with appropriate synonyms. It keeps the sentence structure intact without harming the original theme and meaning of the content.

Please don't think that it can rephrase only the copied content. It performs other functions, like writing unique articles, blog posts, and copywriting.

This Al-based Sentence rephrase helps freelance writers and professional copywriters establish their worth and boost their writing careers. Only high-quality and outstanding content can urge your audience to stay at your website and convert them into your customers. Rephrase Sentence is a tool that enables you to generate magnetic content in a matter of seconds.

It lets you reword an unlimited number of blogs, essays, and articles without leaving any grammatical errors. The rewritten content on this online paraphrasing tool will be unique, impressive, and professional. Now, you need not get worried about a minor or significant percentage of plagiarism in your works when a trusted tool, is at hand!


SERP Surf is one of the best SERP checkers that efficiently discover your website ranking without paying a penny. It provides 100% reliable results for competitors' rankings and targeted keywords. Users can go for this tool without feeling any hesitation. It performs the following functions.

  • Location-specific search
  • SERP rank tracking
  • Device-based results
  • Competitors search
  • Completely free to use

4. Zutrix SERP Checker Tool

Zutrix is the first software that uses Al in keyword rank tracking. This fabulous tool improves the SEO quality of your content and adds to its value. This intelligent tool employs complex algorithms. However, landing at this software means finding a complete solution for keyword ranking. And also, uplifting the quality of your content. Thanks to its high-quality performance! It delivers accurate results based on its Al features.

  • It is available both in free and attractive paid plans.
  • Provides more keyword ideas that boost the quality of content writing
  • Sends notifications through email
  • Al-supported trusted results
  • Tracks competitors with recommendations
  • Delivers white-label ranking report that it shares through links


All the content writing tools narrated above contribute quality and worth to your content by letting you know about the current status of your website in search results. If you are determined to elevate your content writing business and check its search results. Please get help from the tools mentioned above!

All the tools will cheer you up with their accurate results and reports!