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10 tips to get free Twitter followers instantly

How to get free Twitter followers instantly. Today Twitter is not just a social media network, which allows us to spread a piece of content over the community network. But it can be also used as a useful tool to promote your business or brand. Only if you have a huge number of followers.

It’s understood that it is not so easy to get Twitter followers, especially if you are new to Twitter. It takes time and the right action to increase Twitter followers.

I have seen some people who are into buying Twitter followers. Additionally, there are some Twitter tools to increase followers. Which I don’t think is a great idea because those accounts are mostly fake ones.

I don’t think they will even read your tweets or retweet you. It is best if your business has real followers. Now you might be wondering: What is the best way to increase Twitter followers?

So I have some tips which will help you to gain Twitter followers within a short time in an organic manner.

Ten ways to get free Twitter followers instantly:-

1. Build an outstanding Twitter Profile

Your profile is the first thing you need to work on. Make sure you are having an eye-catching retina-friendly avatar in your profile. Your bio should be short and simple. It should be defining you completely about your interests and influences.

2. Follow and Unfollow

It is good to return the favor if someone follows you then follow them back. Follow those who retweet your tweets and check if they follow back or not. Unfollow those who are not so active.

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3. Stay focused and active

No one likes to follow the users who are not actively tweeting. By staying focused on a topic and tweeting related tweets. Then you have more chances of getting exposure and being followed.

4. Trends and Hashtags

Hashtags are an important part of tweets, it makes your tweets easily visible and keeps you updated with Twitter trends. Start using hashtags in every single tweet.

Learn more about the legit use of Hashtags. And look out for the most trendy hashtags which are relevant to your business. Using trendy hashtags can get targeted Twitter followers.

5. Increase engagement

Engagement is the most important step to growing your Twitter following. Get more involved in trends going around Twittersphere. Be part of the existing conversations or start a new one either.

6. Use Promoted tweets service

If you are using Twitter for business purposes then I highly recommend using the Twitter ads service. By using their promoted tweet services you will boost Twitter followers. Because your tweets may be seen by more users and your targeted audience.

7. Use Images, Audio & Video

Get Twitter followers by attaching relevant images to your tweets to get more retweets. Also, you can embed audio or video in your tweets. By using different media types your tweets become more attractive.

8. Write great content

Increase Twitter engagement by tweeting something useful, funny, and unique. You can check the accounts of other guys out there having thousands of followers.

See what they tweet about and which tweets are getting maximum retweets. Remember don’t copy from others keep it original.

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9. Tweet regularly

Make it a habit like you do your chores. Whenever you get free time you should tweet something. If you do so it makes a great impression on your followers, so you should stay updated.

If you are a newbie then you should tweet at least five times a day. This may be the best way to get followers on Twitter naturally.

10. Promote your account as much as you can

At last, all you got to do is promote your Twitter account. It’s very simple indeed if you are on different social networking sites then just add your Twitter account link over there.

You can also sync your Twitter account with other social networking sites, it will help you in managing your accounts.


I hope you like these tips about getting free Twitter followers instantly. If I missed something then please comment below.

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